Monday, May 5, 2014

Look who's two

April 22nd was a really big deal. Mason turned two and we celebrated like it was 1999. It's difficult to put into words how this felt, but I can say that it was amazing. No matter what happens in life we've had two whole years with our son, it's still not enough, but I am so grateful for the two years. It's so much more than we ever got with Addison. Two. Years. 

The night before Mason's birthday, Brian and I blew up what felt like a million balloons, hung streamers over his door and light and even decorated his highchair for his birthday breakfast. Brian teased me for going over the top, but also insisted we needed more balloons...he's equally as into this, he just doesn't like to admit it.

My alarm went off at 6am so we could get the most out of our day before nap time. Nap time is usually around 1, but can be pushed until 2:30 (although it's not recommended). We both took the day off work because it's such a big day for us all. It's more than just a birthday to us, it's celebrating that we got another whole year together and that is a pretty damn big deal. 

Brian and I woke up Mason by going into his room and singing "Happy Birthday". My normally grumpy waker (he likes his sleep just like his mama) was confused and also pleasantly surprised to be woken up like that.  Then he noticed the balloons and the party had 

Mason's birthday breakfast was a bowl full or his favorite berries (blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and blueberries), a glass of milk and a cinnamon roll covered in sprinkles with two blue candles. We sang to him again and he happily blew out his candles and dug in! 

There was more balloon play after breakfast and a shower. He was having so much fun, he didn't want to leave his crib of balloons. We eventually conviced him to leave by taking one balloon with us in the car. He cried everytime he dropped his "boon" until we were able to hand it back to him....what the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets!

Mason's party will be train themed so a friend made him the coolest birthday shirt. 

We drove to Seattle and headed to the aquarium. Mason seem underwhelmed, but would also yell "MORE" after every tank. He especially loved the "touch tank" and the jelly fish. 

After the aquarium we had lunch at Mason's favorite spot R. Robin. Seems silly to eat there after driving all the way to Seattle, but it's what we know and he loves it. Lyndsey met us for lunch and even though she is technically Uncle's girlfriend, Mason thinks she is the bees knees. Whenever we ask Mason who loves him, he always says LinEee in the top 5. 

The staff at RR sang the happy birthday song to Mason and we expected he would cry or want to hide. To our surprise he clapped right along and smiled so big. He loved every second of it. 

After lunch we went to the carousel and Mason got to play his first arcade games.

We were running on borrowed time as we were in the nap time zone, but we still pushed forward and walked to Pike.Plac.e Market. Mason loved the flowers and everything else there was to see. He walked almost the entire day on his own. We only picked him up for safey or for a boost to see something. Mason begs to walk himself and even walked all the stairs to the top on his own. 

We drove home and Mason fell asleep almost immediatley. This is big because he does NOT car nap. He only slept for 40 minutes, but it was better than nothing. 

A friend of mine is making Mason's cake for his party, but I completely forgot about a cake for his actual birthday. We picked up a last minute ice cream cake from Dairy.Q. and that made everyone happy. We sang to Mason yet again and again he blew out the candles. The night ended surrounded by family with cake and a rockin' new truck from Auntie, Nana and Papa. The truck is a running joke in my family. My sister and I both feel that we had practically perfect childhoods, but we both were sad that we never got the chance to drive a powe.rwheels. This is another one of those list of broken dream items. So excited for Mason to have one, even though I'm sure he will have a toy or two on his list of things he'd wished he'd has as a kid. For the record my list only contains two things I'd wished for and never got. Pwer.wheels and the game, Hungry Hungr.y Hippos. Firstworldproblems.  

It was almost the perfect day. The day was all about Mason, but it's always clear who was missing. I wish Addison could have been there too. I wish this was the second time we were celebrating a "two". And yet, I'm grateful for what I do have, so very grateful.


  1. You guys are totally incredible. I love that Brian wanted more balloons. :)

    It is a big deal and I think it's fantastic that you recognize and celebrate all that it is to celebrate two FULL years with Mason. What a complete doll. You guys are seriously the most rockin' parents. I really do want to be your kid. Looks like your parents raised you well with that nearly perfect childhood. I didn't get a power wheels either... was always so jealous!

    Wishing Addison was a big three-year old showing her little brother the ropes. SO MUCH.

  2. Goodness it's been fun just watching this boy grow into that adorable two year old. I love how you guys totally go all out for birthdays. I would like to be your kid as well. Especially if it involves ice cream cakes.

  3. Ahhhhmazing!! I love that you all had so much fun!

  4. I love how y'all really do birthdays full out. Mason is such a lucky kid. As the other ladies have said, I'd like to be your kid too!!! Adopt me?