Monday, July 2, 2012

A little Mason update

Since I suuuuuuuucccccckkkkkkkkk....kkkkk at blogging (yes I suck so much I had to add even more k's to emphasize). I wanted to at least share some Mason with you since I know people are wondering how he is doing. So here is a Mason update. No deep thoughts or real blog material. Just Mason.

Mason turned TWO months old on June 22nd (where in the hell has time gone?!?) I seriously can't believe how lucky we have been to have gotten this much time with him so far...hoping for more, but oh my have I soaked up what we have been given.

At his 2 month appointment his stats were:
Weight 12lbs 3oz
Height 23 inches
and head circumference....39.6cm!

So height and weight are in the 50% range, but his giant head is in the 70th! No wonder he is such a bobble head! He actually does pretty well holding it up considering!

Mason has something called Tracheomalacia, basically his little flipper flapper in his throat (yeah I know I'm super technical) doesn't work right quite yet. He is a super noisy breather because of it and spits up a lot for a breast fed baby. The noisy breathing is AWESOME because I can always hear him breathing, but the rest of it really sucks for him.

Turns out part of my problem with breastfeeding was that I was over feeding him. So now that I am not doing it as often it is not hurting quite as much. Still not enjoyable, but we are figuring this out!

Mason cries quite a bit. My pediatrician called him a "difficult child".I kind of laughed. I was like well he could cry 24/7 and I would still love the crap out of him! He just wanted me to know that his discomfort will pass and this crankiness will not last forever. Um okay! Crying/screaming=alive...I'll take it!

Even thought he is a cranky little guy he does have some amazingly sweet moments and is happy. My IPhone is always near by to catch these smiles!

He is sleeping an average of 5-6 hours a night and one time only he slept for 8 hours and 19 minutes!

He loves:
white noise
being massaged
bath time
staring at lights/ceiling fan
being outside
to stand as we hold him
and when I stroke his head

He hates:
waking up...almost always screaming from the second he opens his eyes...if not before!
diaper changes
being put in the car seat
and of course the dreaded tummy time

We can't get enough of him. Poor guy doesn't get put down much because there are always arms to hold him...what a life. Some how he did manage to roll over some time ago from his tummy to his back.

Here is some of the cuteness


Just spent FOREVER looking for 7 and 9 week pictures...I will have to look another day!

PS These pictures were taken next to Addi's bear made by Molly Bears! And yes, that blue stripe on his diaper means it's time to change it. I DO change my child's diaper, but if we do diaper change before pictures he is screaming even more than some of these pictures show. So we do diaper change AFTER pictures :)


  1. What a little charmer! So happy you have him.

  2. Lmao at the diaper changes comment! Glad Y'all are doing well

  3. Adorable! Yay pictures of Mason! I love the two month one especially. You have such a great attitude - he's lucky to have you as a mom :)

  4. Oh I also love the two month photo! I'm so glad you are doing well. Hang in there with the fussiness!

  5. Love his sweet little face!

    P.S. I have some "blue stripe" pictures of Addalee, too!!!

  6. What a doll and LOVE his pics next to your Addy bear...2 month pic with that big grin is ADORABLE.

    Speaking from experience of having children through age 6, they are all difficult at one or several point(s) in the early years. Maybe he is getting his out of the way for you nice would that be?!?!

    So happy to see your update...have a great 4th!!

  7. He is a beautiful boy. So nice to hear updates from you and I LOVE the idea of taking pictures with his Addi bear, but a little sad it will seem smaller and smaller as he grows bigger and bigger.

  8. Pictures are adorable. I love that you love being able to hear him breathe (and cry)... life's just different for us when it comes to cranky babies!

  9. Cute as ever!! Luke had the same problem with his "little flipper flapper". Did you guys have a flurasic study done? After Luke's, the speech therapist told us to add oatmeal to his bottles to add some weight to the liquid so it would stay down instead of going into his lungs. It worked perfectly!

  10. He is just completely and utterly and totally adorable. I love his two month picture with Addison's bear - how special!

    Hope his "flipper-flapper" gets sorted out. My nephew had something that sound similar when he was a baby. He was a "difficult" baby too (read - delightful but uncomfortable). He is now the most delightful, chilled out 6 year old.

  11. Love the picture's of his cuteness! Keep 'em coming!!

  12. Addooooorabbbllle photos of your gorgeous little man... love his smile :) xoxo