Thursday, April 12, 2012


How Far Along: 37 weeks (our baby is as big as a Watermelon). Full term...for reals?!? I seriously don't know how we got here so quickly. It's been such a long road, but this doesn't feel real.
Maternity Clothes: Just wearing what I have.
Movement: Been pretty good this week although I did get a good hard kick to the ribs on Wednesday morning that hurt! I was quick to push his feet down after that one!
Gender: A brother for Addison, Mason Alexander.
Symptoms: Runny nose always. Braxton hicks contractions daily. I am still only getting up to pee once per night...this is such a foreign concept to me...I don't know how it is possible, but I like it! This week I stopped sleeping through the night (even though potty breaks are not the problem). I have spent several sleepless nights on the couch. I am keeping Brian up a lot from all my tossing and turning, but he still wants me to stay in bed when I can (so sweet of him). Sometimes I just need to move to the couch for a change. The only one who really appreciates this is Annie our lab. She thinks it is the best things ever when she gets to sleep next to me. Oh and I have been waking up with stomach aches :(
Cravings: Watermelon. I love watermelon so it may not be pregnancy related, just that it is finally stating to be in season! Yummmmm
Belly Button In or Out: Still in, getting more flat! Also I have yet to see a single stretch mark, not from Addi and not from Mason, but I did get broken capillaries around my belly button with Addi and they are back with Mason. I started noticing them 2-3 weeks ago. They are not cute, but at least they go away.
Best Moment this week: Probably our ultrasound and doctor appointment on Friday. Always good to hear good news about our baby.
Freak-out of the week: I had a meltdown on Saturday night. Too much stress. Brian has been super stressed too and we were unintentionally taking it out on each other. Things are much better now, but that night was a breaking point and I broke.
What I miss: I miss that I have missed out on this pregnancy and it's almost over. It is what it is, but I don't have to like that it is this way.
What I am looking forward to: Our doctor appointment on Friday, maternity pictures on Sunday and hopefully getting the house kicked into shape!
Next Appointment: Tomorrow, Friday the 13th. I'm not really superstitious, but....ugh. Hopefully it will just be more confirmation that everything is okay and that we are still on schedule with "the plan". More on that below.
Something Else: My weeks have not slowed down at all! We are still busy, busy, busy!

Friday we were in the Ob's office ALL afternoon. Ultrasound, NST and doctor appointment. Mason was weighing approximately 6lb 14oz! Keep in my this number could be off by a pound in EITHER direction! Yikes! I suppose a tiny baby won't be on my list of worries. The other big news is that our induction is officially scheduled for Thursday April 19th. This is the 38 week point so this may or may not be my last weekly update depending on if I have time to get the next one in! Now of course this date could change if there is a problem or if I go into labor prior, but holy cow this is crazy to me! We could be meeting our son in one week! I was dilated between a 1-2 so that is more good news and Mason was still head down, but as of Friday, he still hadn't dropped and I don't feel any difference so I am thinking he still hasn't :(

We also found out that whooping cough is a local problem and now they are asking everyone to get the pertussis vaccine. So as soon as our appointment was over both Brian and I went to get it. I don't love the idea of getting vaccinated while pregnant, but our doctor believes that the benefits outweigh the risks and that is good enough for me. I also got on the phone to let family and friends know if they want to see Mason, they better get theirs too! Don't come visit us if you haven't had one...I'm serious.

Saturday morning was great, I got up and was motivated to accomplish a ton! I was really getting a lot done until I got a text from Brian asking how I felt about taking Mason on an EIGHT hour "road trip" when he is two months old (Brian has been asked to drive some relative we don't know very well so he won't have to rent a car). Something to know about Brian is that he is always willing to help out no matter who it is or what it's for. Something I really love and admire about him, but the fact that this is happening right after our baby is born really rubs me the wrong way, it's not that I don't want him to help, but I just want him home on the few days off he gets. Anyways I call Brian back to say that if he wants to do this than that is up to him, but no way do I want my newborn in the car for that long (seriously how miserable would that be to be in a car with a newborn for that long having to pull over constantly to nurse etc.). Anyways Brian got upset with me for saying no right away and said something to the effect of "you won't be doing anything anyways" you know because staying home with a newborn is total "cake". Seriously stupid argument, but after I hung up I was just so angry. Angry that he was being asked to do this, angry that he was mad at me for not wanting to go and just angry in general that we have been bickering so much over stupid things. So I sat on the couch and thought about all the nasty things I could say to him and send via text message until an hour had passed and I called my sister to vent. After explaining the situation to her (and her agreeing with me) I started crying. So we hung up and I cried it out. That's what I was really needing. The weight of everything that has been happening and that will happen was what was behind this all and I just needed to let it out. I felt better after this and a visit with my friend, but I had no energy after all that, which was so discouraging.

I did wind up giving Annie a bath and I thought that by the time Brian got home I would be over it. I wasn't. Just looking at him made me mad. I decided talking about it wouldn't help, because we would just end up arguing again, but he kept asking me what was wrong (I'm really bad at hiding my feelings) and by bed time he went to bed and I stayed up, he eventually came out to the living room and made me talk about it, which really just made me cry, but it worked and we were good. So I guess that is that...until the next time! Ugh. Luckily we have way more good days with each other than bad, but this stress is seriously soul sucking.

I wrote about Easter in a previous post, but I do think Saturday's meltdown had something to do with not having Addi here for Easter (just one more straw to add to the pile).

Sunday night I didn't sleep through the night, Monday night I didn't either. Tuesday I had another good NST, but I forgot my cell phone at work. I practically had a panic attack that something would go wrong and I wouldn't have my phone to call Brian and that he would get another life ruining call from the hospital. Luckily my worries were unfounded and the test went great. The nurse who worked with me actually knew my story (or parts of it) because she was asking me questions about what happened with Addison and that she couldn't wait for Mason to be here and that I'd better bring him in so they could all see my healthy, happy, ALIVE baby boy. She squeezed my hand tight as she said this, it was very sweet and appreciated.

Wednesday night my mom and I went to Gymboree to use all the gymbucks we acquired...yeah shopping got a bit out of hand this month, but it was the most fun I have had during this pregnancy. I'm actually excited about shopping for Mason and that is nice. We also went to the TEARS sign up so we can walk again this year for Addison and raise money for families like us needing help with funeral expenses. I hate that there is such a need for this, but we know how great the need is. I was having a ton of contractions after this, but nothing more intense than what I have been experiencing.

I woke up at 3AM and couldn't sleep. Another night of bad sleep. This time I stayed in bed willing myself to go back to sleep. I slept on and off until 5:30 and was eventually sound asleep by the time I had to get up...isn't that always the case?!?

I'm tired today, but doing okay. I was really starting to panic that everything was going just as planned as far as appointments scheduled, Mason's birth scheduled etc. (and we know how that never works out) so today I had my first snag in "the plan". I had an appointment tonight with my wax lady (just trying to keep things neat and tidy) ha! Anyways she called and cancelled on me because she is sick and she will be out ALL next week. I am bummed about this, but as far as a hitch in the plan this is nothing...although then it has me thinking about how this is just the start of when everything starts to fall apart...gah...I hate thinking like this!

So anyways, here we are another Thursday down and only one left....WOW. How am I supposed to process this?!?


  1. I just started processing and things started feeling real at my last appt on Tuesday. Crazy. And then the plan gets blown to hell last night. Ha! Typical! Yay for one more week!!!!

  2. Thinking of you and can't wait to meet Mason next week!!! Got my shot Tuesday :)

  3. Loving that things are moving in the right direction...Come on Mason :)

  4. Boo...I'm sorry your "hairdresser" is sick! hehe, but don't fret about that...just make sure to shave your pits and pack deodorant. (I know, weird comment!) I can't believe in one week little or big Mason will be here!! I remember James and I getting in quite a few disagreements before Austin was born, ugh, darn stress! And I also remembering getting tummy aches about a week before...sounds like your body is preparing! =) I'm always here if you need anything. Love ya!!

  5. What - full term? - whoa! So excited for you guys to meet Mason soon :) I still can't believe how active you are - hope you get some good sleep this week.

  6. Wow... not long now at all !! Time will fly :)) Great that all is going well with your little one and great idea about the vaccine.. there have been kids getting very unwell from it. Agree with you about the car trip... it's a long time to be in the car - would be tough with a newborn. Thinking of you every day over the next week xoxo

  7. Congrats to making it full term! I really think "baby is the size of a watermelon" SERIOUSLY depends on the size of the watermelon you're talking about. That could be alarming! Haha. I know what you mean about missing out on this pregnancy, but I don't think it's anything you should stress over. I totally feel like I'm enduring rather than enjoying this pregnancy, but as long as I get a healthy baby at the end of it, I don't care. A stressful/sad pregnancy seems a small price to pay, all things considered... as long as you get a happy ending out of it. Sorry about the stupid arguments. Your husband is CRAZY with the car trip idea--hopefully he realizes that! But I know how stressful it is to fight with the one person who is such a huge emotional support for you. Hang in there. Just a couple more weeks!

  8. Whooping cough is bad in Chicago as well... but they give moms the shot post-birth here, not during pregnancy. Elliot already had his 2 years ago (good 5 yrs) and both sets of grandparents got their shots before coming to see B.

    Congrats on being under a week now!!!

  9. One more week, that's awesome!

  10. Full term and an induction date schedule - wow - so nearly there! Can't wait to hear of Mason's arrival. Thoughts xx Di

  11. You are now under a week!! I'm so excited for you. I hope you get some rest. We are all so excited to "meet" Mason!

  12. OMG April 19th!!! It's so close!!! Being this close to the end is an incredible feeling- a mix of so many emotions. I'm praying for you and little Mason. Can't wait until he's safe and sound in your arms. In a few days I might add :)

  13. Super duper excited for the close! I can't wait to see that handsome fella!

    Also, road trip = insanity. I mean, Addalee is almost 8 months old now, and driving more than an hour is unpleasant. She's not a good traveler. I couldn't imagine trying to do that with a 2 month old!

  14. Wow - so close. Wishing you a speedy, straightforward induction and labour and birthing and a gorgeous, breathing baby boy.

    Lookiing forward to meeting Mac in a few days time.

  15. I will be thinking of you tomorrow on your induction date and can't wait for an update or post on Mason. One more day...hang in there!!!