Thursday, April 5, 2012

36 Weeks

How Far Along: 36 weeks (our baby is as big as a Coconut). We are one week away from being considered full term...I can't believe THIS is the month we should meet our doesn't feel real at all.
Maternity Clothes: Been wearing all the clothes my friends have given me, I refuse to shop at this point.
Movement: He seems to have been especially active this week, almost to the point of making me call my OB...too much, too little, it all worries me.
Gender: A brother for Addison, Mason Alexander.
Symptoms: Runny nose always. Braxton hicks contractions daily.
Cravings: Anything someone else makes...I have been super anti-cooking (even more so than normal) so I will eat whatever I am given just so I don't have to cook!
Belly Button In or Out: Still in, getting more flat!
Best Moment this week: We have friends in town from CA, dodge ball started up again this week and I got good news about my time off with Mason so all in all it was a pretty good week!
Freak-out of the week: I was given a surprise baby shower on Friday and that pretty much freaked me out. It's hard because it was done with the nicest of intentions and yet I sat paralyzed through the whole thing. That's all I will say about that.
What I miss: I miss...that we are almost there and I don't feel like it.
What I am looking forward to: Tonight Brian is letting me play hooky from the B-O-R-I-N-G camera class so I can spend the evening with our friend before she heads back to CA, which makes the evening double great! Also tomorrow we have our growth scan and I get to see my doctor.
Next Appointment: Tomorrow, Friday the 6th. We have appointments up the wazoo. I am taking a half day off to get them all done. It will start with our growth scan (ultrasound) to see how big this mammoth boy is, them a doctor appointment with (in my opinion) the world's greatest OB and then we will finish the day off with our ever so lovely NST. Fun all around...okay maybe not fun so much, but more verification that this kid is okay (for the moment anyways).
Something Else: It's been another crazy full week and I am SO tired! That surprise baby shower really threw me for a loop, I really don't want to say much else because there was care behind it, it's just that no BLM does well with baby type surprises. Also I was anticipating some more bad news (non-baby related) so I was super stressed. That evening I went to the bank and used the drive through. The girl was SUPER chatty. She was all up in my business asking what the balloons I had in my car were for. I kind of mumbled they were for a baby shower and she KEPT asking questions, when was the shower and who was it for blah blah blah. She couldn't see my belly and so...I lied. I said it was for a friend. I didn't want to talk baby with her. I told Brian and he was disappointed that I lied, but he doesn't get half of the comments I do so whatever.

More shopping with my mom this weekend and I think Mason will be set for the first couple months! I found a diaper bag I liked a little better than the one I had for Addison. It still has the tags on it so I may take it back...I haven't decided. It was my one splurge (it's a Coach diaper bag) so we will see. I know that's totally ridiculous to have a Coach diaper bag, but like I said it was my one splurge.

Sunday we had a great visit with our friends visiting from CA, I wish they lived closer! We even made a trip to visit Addi's spot. I really have amazing friends. The next day when I went back that had left her a really cute solar flower <3

My sister was gone for 10 days and it was a LONG 10 days for both of us! I forget how much I rely on her until she is gone. She came over one night to help get things organized. Brian and I were arguing a lot because we are both so stressed, but she was a great mediator. It really wasn't a big deal, but when we argue it makes me want to cry. Stupid stuff like where to hang the bookshelf etc. We do not clean well together! Good thing we rarely have to clean together.

I know we didn't need ANOTHER weeknight commitment, but dodge ball started back up this week! I know it sounds super lame if you haven't experienced it, but it is SO fun! I just watch, but we have a great team that my dad, brother and Brian play on together. How often can everyone play on one team?!? Plus I have to say our team is awesome and we were 2-0 by the end of the night. I kept telling people I was the official dodge ball baby? ha! Maybe someday Mason can play too!

We also had a meeting in Seattle for pregnancy after loss. I hate driving the hour north, but it is such a unique group to be in and important.

This week Brian has really been saying how nervous he is getting. I know it's everything combined. He really believes Mason is coming home with us, but at the same time I know he must have SOME doubts. He keeps saying how he is nervous about what it will be like to go through the birth process with a live baby and that he is more nervous now than he ever was with Addison. Obnoxious kids make him uneasy and he isn't sure how he will deal with our own. I am not worried about any of this, for him or for myself. I really think he is more nervous about something bad happening and trying to cover it up with other issues. I have total confidence in him, but it is different to see him uncertain. We all process in our own ways.

I feel better today, a little lighter (emotionally), which is crazy since it's the 5th, but I am thankful for the break. I will do an Addison blog soon. I have so little time to get to the computer and it drives Brian nuts when he comes home and I am wrapped up in blogs. I still can't believe we are at 36 weeks. One week away from full term...two weeks away from hopefully getting to induce...2 weeks we could meet this little boy...or sooner since I still have contractions daily. It doesn't feel real...when will it feel real?!?!


  1. Wow!! Two weeks from today! I'm two weeks from Monday! Crazy!!!!!!!!!

  2. Two weeks is so exciting. That's such a short amount of time. Wow. Sorry about that baby shower catching you off guard-- I totally imagined myself in those shoes and I would've hated it. I even cried when they asked me if they could throw me one! Hopefully you were able to find some good in knowing that people really support and love you and Mason. But yeah. So hard being a BLM. To think we can't even appreciate with full enjoyment things that most people without our past would be thrilled to experience.

    Two weeks baby Mason! Finishing touches, little guy!

  3. You're getting close! I know it's scary but it's so worth the amazing experience you will have when you meet him. I'm checking in on you often (even if I don't comment!) and you still bring me comfort in knowing the way I felt was all normal. Good luck with all of your appts!

  4. I love that you had such a good time with your friends and that they left a little something for Addi. Your post does sound like ou're feeling emotionally lighter. Go, girl! The 19th will be here before you know it. Paul and I root for you daily!!

    Xoxo! <3

  5. Two weeks till Mason's here, it's getting so close!

  6. So close! I can only image the sense of it all - 2 weeks. Thinking of you in these final weeks xx

  7. A surprise baby shower sounds difficult, so I think it's totally understandable that you didn't want to have a conversation about it with a bank teller. I'm sure that my nerves will be all over the place by the time I'm two weeks out. Thinking of you!

  8. There is nothing at all ridiculous about a Coach diaper bag! I got one for Allie and God-willing, I will get one when it's time to carry stuff for her brother or sister, too! :) So put that thought out of your head!