Monday, March 26, 2012

Baby Shower

*I started this post last week and am just getting around to finishing it up and adding pictures. Sorry for the wait. I feel like I should write more, but I don't know what else to say, so here is!

Where to begin...Sunday was it...Baby Shower Day. I think the fact that it was so last minute REALLY helped me. I didn't have much time to get worked up about it. I was nervous of course, but not completely freaking out.

I kept telling myself it was just friends, cake and presents...what is scary about that?!? I started the morning moving everything (except furniture) from the nursery to the guest room...why didn't I think of that earlier? So much easier than boxing everything up (for now). This way it was ready for Brian to paint while I was gone. I really didn't want to be around for that so it needed to be ready for him.

As much as Brian has been hoping I would get the nursery ready for him, I think when he really saw how empty it was, he didn't like it. Plus then he knew it was up to him to take it from there...not so easy when the ball is in your court!

Two of my friends road with me to the shower. It was nice having the company and not having too much time on my own to think. We got there early and just the host, her daughter (my O), my sister and Sarah were there setting up. Wow, do I have great people in my life. I didn't have to do a thing, but they were busy little workers! People slowly started to arrive and that seems good. Just one person that I love after another. It wasn't until almost everyone had arrived and they were all in one room that I walked into and felt like throwing up. I was totally overwhelmed. I just wanted to hang out in the kitchen and not come out. I felt like I had a "deer in the headlights" look on my face and everyone could tell (although I have been told otherwise thank goodness). It was so weird because if I actually looked at any on person in the room it was like oh yeah I LOVE this person and the person next to them and so on, but just the room full of people was a lot.

There were also SO MANY GIFTS! We had to start by opening presents just to make some room in the living room! It was really a moment of wow...look how many people love this baby boy SO much already. He is so lucky! It was also great getting so much blue, I didn't think it would be, but it was nice knowing I wouldn't have to dress him in pink for the first year of his life lol.

I think it was a really good thing for me to have a day and things that were/are JUST for Mason. He is his very own person and I needed to have this day.

After presents we had a yummy homemade cake by the host, requested by yours truly. It was a lemon and blueberry delicious! O did the decorating. She also made the diaper cake! O will be 9 in June, which means she is exactly as old as I was when my brother was born. I really think O and Mason will have a special connection.

We had no games or cutesy baby shower type shenanigans, which was exactly what I had asked for. It was so nice seeing everyone, I just wish I would have had more time with each person. The day was success, there was no crying and I really feel good about the fact that we did it...and that it's over :) I am really happy to have the memories and photos to share with Mason someday (please let be able to share this with him)!
Mason's super cool height chart my cousin Jesica made!
Diaper cake by O
Just some of the blue!

Another cake decorated by O "MAC"

Beautiful flowers my friend Kim brought for Addi <3

Lots more pictures, but it's hard to decide what to post!

I came home to a half painted nursery and a defeated husband. He had been so pumped to get the nursery together and I think actually doing it was much harder on him emotionally than what he was expecting.

Apparently there was a paint spill mishap that really made a mess...Brian thinks that was Addi's way of protesting the painting of her pink room...I have to admit, that made me smile. He was disappointed that he didn't finish, but I was happy with what he had done.

Once the car was unloaded, we both put on our jammies and crashed on the couch. Both completely exhausted and mostly for emotional reasons. Good, productive day that was all about Mason. Phew!


  1. I'm so glad you had such a wonderful, special time with all your best girlies! I love love love Mason's handmade growth chart. So special...

  2. The flowers for Addi...there are no words... <3

  3. Looks like a lovely day. I'm glad it went well and that you were able to have a good time. Lemon blueberry cake sounds delicious!!! I love Addi's flowers- so so sweet that she was represented at the shower :) And that growth chart for Mason is too cute!

  4. I also love that Addison got flowers! You will be glad you have these memories with Mason too, but I applaud you for being so brave and getting through the day and still enjoying it'!

  5. this was sweet - I'm glad you had that beautiful day for Mason :)

  6. So nice of everyone to make it a special day for you and Mason. I am glad that you are glad you did it. And that you got so much blue! Cant wait to see nursery pics when it's all done.

  7. Love all the blue for your boy, and the gorgeous pink flowers for Addi. I know what you mean about loving each individual person, but feeling overwhelmed by a roomful of people. I feel like that a LOT, still, when we're going to get together with a group of friends. It just requires a kind of emotional effort that didn't exist before. But it's almost always worth it in the end.

  8. Wonderful that you had such a special day for you and Mason... with so many people that you love :) xoxo

  9. I love that height chart your friend made for you!
    Glad to hear the day went well for you.

  10. I'm happy you were able to enjoy your shower, as awkward as I'm sure it was. I love that your mom bought Addie flowers, and the paint-spill mishap made me smile... I think if we were going to paint over Jack's walls, he would do the same. ha.

    I love that people showed up on short notice, and showed just how much they love him already.

  11. It sounds like it went so well! Good job by your friends for pulling it off and by you for knowing what would work for you this time around. Lots of cute blue stuff :) and pretty pink flowers are perfect, too. I had to laugh about "a half painted nursery and a defeated husband."