Thursday, March 22, 2012

34 Weeks

How Far Along: 34 weeks (our baby is as big as a Cantaloupe).
Maternity Clothes: New jeans. My mom and I tried really hard to find something new for me to wear for the shower, but just came up empty handed everywhere we went!
Movement: This weekend it was a lot less than normal. I was busy and stressed so I know that played into my worry, but I am not good with this! Getting back to the normal work week seems to have sparked the normal movement. I did have to get the doppler out one day this week just to be sure.
Gender: A brother for Addison, Mason Alexander.
Symptoms: Runny nose seems to be about it this week.
Cravings: Strawberries, strawberries and more strawberries...crap now I want some strawberries!
Belly Button In or Out: Still in, getting more flat!
Best Moment this week: Shopping with my mom was pretty fun this time. Seemed a little easier and we found some lake stuff for Mason. For some reason lake stuff is easy and exciting for me to buy. It feels more natural and not scary. I may not be able to buy the regular stuff, but swim shorts, hats, lake towel, life jacket etc. Mason is set! Probably because the lake is my happy place so I am around all things lake when I am the happiest. Also the baby shower was really nice, it may have been overwhelming, but it was still really nice to see so many people I love.
Freak-out of the week: hmm well I didn't really freak out about the shower because it was last minute (thank goodness) I did feel a little weepy after it, but managed to just go to bed and shed no tears. Saturday night I had to break out the doppler as I had been having braxton hicks contractions that day and hadn't noticed Mason moving as much. Then Tuesday at the doctor's office I cried all through my NST...this was hard week. I think the closer we get the harder these weeks will feel.
What I miss: Going to the doctor appointments and NOT crying. Remember when a simple NST used to be simple? I do and I miss that blissful ignorance.
What I am looking forward to: In a way I am looking forward to getting my hair cut on Saturday and in a way it makes me a little sad to know that the hair that was with me while Addison was will be gone too...silly to think like that, but I do.
Next Appointment: Friday, March 23rd I have my second NST, this time Brian will be there. Our next doctor appointment is Friday the 30th and I really can't wait to see and talk to OUR doctor, wow, I really missed him!
Something Else: Like I said before, the appointment with the new doctor went okay. She was neither dismissive nor thorough. I knew it wouldn't be the same without MY doctor. What I didn't say it that her nurse was also pregnant...what is this an epidemic?!? Anyways she was nice enough, but when she took my blood pressure she held my arm between her arm and her belly so I was literally touching her belly. I wanted to say that just because I was pregnant didn't mean I was okay with her being pregnant, but I kept it to myself and my BP wasn't too high...ugh. I was not prepared to be held against her belly!

Saturday was St. Patrick's Day. Normally having a drinking holiday on a Saturday would be really exciting (I'm not a big drinker, but I do love an excuse to go out with friends). Since I am not drinking anything, but water these days it wasn't exciting and the thought of having to go out and deal with crowds was less than appealing. I was supposed to clean out the nursery that day and since I spent it shopping with my mom I really was behind. I had decided when Brian got home we could work on it together. Once he got home we weren't in the mood to do anything...including cook so we did go out to dinner with my sister where they each got a single green beer...I got water. Then we went straight back home and landed on the couch...not very productive! Brian was excited to see what my mom and I had bought Mason. Since I do so little shopping for Mason, Brian is always excited when I am able to do something.

Sunday morning was my shower. I got up early with the dogs so Brian could sleep in and then I decided to take on the nursery. I decided that I didn't have to go through it as meticulously as I had originally thought. All I really needed to do was empty it out so Brian could paint. So I pretty much just moved everything from the nursery to the guest room. Brian was amazed when he got up to see what I had done...and also surprised it was that "easy". I tried not to think about what I was doing as I was doing it and more or less just got it done!

I started getting ready for the shower and just kept thinking all I was doing was going to meet a few friends, eat some cake and get some presents...that seemed easy enough. Once I got to my friend's house where the shower was easy wasn't until everyone showed up that I started to feel overwhelmed. I really will try and do a shower post soon.
Monday was a hard day at work, just felt really blah and then Tuesday was the NST test that had me all kinds of emotional, which you can read more about in the last post. We also had our 3rd childbirth class that night. It was okay. Brian didn't protest quite as much about going until we got there, then he wanted to know if we could sneak out at break...he thought going home to watch NCIS would be more fun and honestly I couldn't really blame him. We did stay through the whole class, but I am still undecided if it has been worth it or not. After class we talked to the instructor about taking the infant CPR class (we tried to take it THREE times before Addi was born and it kept getting cancelled). She said there was one the weekend before we are hoping to I guess the 4th times the charm...I hope! She also asked what room Addi was delivered in. Next week is the hospital tour and she didn't want to take us into THAT room. I thought that was so sweet of her to think of. She is really a bit flaky so it really surprised me that she even thought of it. We told her we were in two rooms, but if we did go in them again it would be okay as we only had wonderful memories of our daughter in them. The one room I WON'T go in would be the NST room in L&D.

Last night I actually went through some of the mounds of presents Mason got on Sunday. I made a pile of things to wash, took tags off and tried to separate the toys from the gear. I got about half way through and I was happy with my accomplishment. Brian worked a little more in the nursery. It is half blue and half pink so there is still work to be done. For some reason Brian painted Mason's name on the pink part...I don't know if that was for me to remember that it's his room now or just because he was bored and got a wild hair...let's hope for the wild hair. The room is pretty much a disaster since all the furniture had to stay in! Little by little.


  1. Oh I know that painting task must be difficult to deal with. I was having fits thinking about painting over the perfect blue I found for Hayes if we were having a girl this time. I hope the shopping and shower and presents (and cake!!) have made you a little happy.

  2. Omg. I had the same thing occur while pregnant with B having a nurse touch me with her belly. SO uncomfortable. :/

    About the hair... I would take photos. I know you probably will, but I had a similar experience. My "Andrew" hair was with me when I became pregnant again because I liked the idea of my children "sharing" something. As weird as it is to be hair, it was one of my only connections from my first baby to my second and I loved that. It was my innocence, my grief, and my renewed hope all in one. It was shared. I also loved putting those photos in B's pregnancy book and Andrew's book. I also really loved the idea of donating to a child who might benefit on behalf of Andrew. I know I blogged about it, but just wanted to remind you that I totally understand that weirdness. :)

    You are doing great, K. I am so anxiously awaiting Mason's arrival.

  3. Your blue looks a lot like our nursery hue. :)
    Glad the shower wasn't awful and you were able to enjoy it a little

  4. I understand EXACTLY what you mean about not ever stepping foot in the L&D NST room. For us, it was the triage. Ugh, just the word triage makes me nauseous. Thankfully, I made it all the way through my pregnancy with Addalee without having to go in there. Whew!

    So glad that the shower went well. I can't wait to see pictures.

    P.S. I want strawberries now too! :)

  5. So glad you're having some good moments, and that your shower was a good experience. Can't wait for Mason's big arrival.