Thursday, March 15, 2012

33 Weeks

How Far Along: 33 weeks (our baby is as big as a Honeydew).
Maternity Clothes: I tried to get something new, I failed. Well actually my mom did get me a tank top since my dryer ate my favorite one and I finally got a new bra...I only had one that didn't look like some sort of torture occurred after wearing it and we all know one is not enough!
Movement: I noticed the "crazy all over the place movements" changed to slower, larger ones. Then at our ultrasound on Monday we were told Mason is finally head down (I know we still have time, but it was bothering me) so now that we know he is head down, it makes sense that his movements feel different. They are still sometimes painful and take my breath away.
Gender: A brother for Addison, Mason Alexander.
Symptoms: Runny nose, light heartburn is back and forgetfulness. I actually had to pull out my calendar when asked how many weeks I was this week...what is wrong with me?!?! I count these weeks like crazy, write posts about them and I couldn't remember if it was 31 or 32...I am a nut.
Cravings: Reese's miniatures. They have to be this specific type (not the full size, not the eggs, just the miniatures)....don't ask me why.
Belly Button In or Out: Still in, can't see it unless I bend over! I notice when Mason is stretching part of it pokes out. I can make it flat really easy!
Best Moment this week: I think the ultrasound on Monday. Even though we still don't have confirmation that all is well, the look on the tech's face of relief was pretty nice!
Freak-out of the week: Sunday night I had a pretty good meltdown. Just everything caught up to me and I needed to let it out.
What I miss: Being excited to work on the nursery and for things like baby showers. I WANT so badly to be excited like I know I SHOULD be.
What I am looking forward to: In one breath I could say I am looking forward to the baby shower on Sunday and then in the same breath I could say how much anxiety I feel about it. Bottom line is that I have AMAZING friends and there will only be people there who love and support there is no real reason to be anxious. BUT then there is the whole baby shower aspect and since I spend a lot of energy not thinking about everything, this will be a very "in my face" day of A BABY IS COMING kind of thing. Plus I am sure I forgot to invite a few and that makes me feel so bad, I tried to rack my brain as much as possible, but if I forgot you, please forgive me! Are you busy Sunday?
Next Appointment: Friday, March 16th. This will be our first and only (hopefully) appointment with a doctor other than OUR doctor. I am super nervous about it. It is just a regular follow up appointment, but we will be going over the ultrasound results (well we better) and I hate the idea of someone who isn't invested in us taking care of us. I have heard that this doctor can be abrasive and I just hope she takes into account what we have been through and is gentle with us. Old me would have sat back and just been uncomfortable in a bad situation, but new me will have no problem telling her exactly what I think and need....For her sake she better be kind to us or I can imagine a really ummmm colorful day shall we say in the doctor's office! I really hate that our doctor is gone...just knowing he is close makes me relax in a way I didn't even know until he left.
Something Else: I think I detailed the weekend's events pretty well in my last post. I am thankful that I was able to do some work in the nursery and that my mom and I went shopping for Mason and only Mason. Those were some good steps (hard, painful and sad), but still good.

Having that ultrasound behind us makes me feel good, but knowing we have an appointment coming up to talk about it makes me nervous, especially since our doctor won't be the one explaining it to us. It better have been looked over by a doctor because if I have to wait longer to hear, I will throw a real life grown-up/crazy mom tantrum.

Then there is the baby shower...I seriously can't believe the majority of my friends are able to come at only a moments notice. A few of my friends can't come, which I know we could reschedule for another day, but the more I think about this "last minute" party the more I think I can't handle knowing it is coming with a couple weeks of anticipation. Let's get this over with quick and dirty! Okay not dirty, but you know.

When I think about seeing all my friends, it just makes me happy, but when I think about the baby shower aspect, that's when I get a little crazy. Too bad there can't be drinking! I know I want to do this or at least that I don't want to not do this. So we are doing it....ready or not!

Sleep was really hard this week. I am tired ALL day long and then bedtime comes and I just lie there wide awake. I moved to the couch twice this week! I roll to the right and after a while my hips hurt, so I roll to the left and then back and forth. Each move seems like I disturb Brian. It isn't an easy move because...I don't flip over quite like I used to and there are pillows that need to be rearranged with every adjustment I make. Covers get shifted and I know Brian's sleep is not interrupted. He doesn't complain though and still prefers I sleep in the bed and not leave for the couch. He is a good one. I think the only happy about my move to the couch is our lab Annie "ol faithful" as we call her will camp out on the floor next to me just as happy as can be.


  1. I'm more of a Reese's egg fan myself-- more peanut butter! You have so much love and support that I am hoping will make this weekend and the rest of your pregnancy go smoother. Wishing all that and more for you!

  2. I know you had an ultrasound but I don't understand why they aren't doing regular NST's (unless you don't want them? Which is fine in that case!) Here it is normal protocol to have them 2x weekly for someone whose previous baby was stillborn.

    Anyway,I hope your shower goes well. Good luck at your appointment!

  3. Thinking of you for your appt and baby shower :) We have so much going on at the moment... and doing a fantastic job :)) I can remember being terribly forgetful during my pregnancies... love Reese's too - but we seem to only have p'butter cups here in Australia. Love to you always xoxo

  4. Hoping you hear everything is fine...enjoy getting spoiled this weekend, you deserve it!!!

  5. I actually had a moment this past week also where someone asked me how far along I was and I honestly couldn't tell her, which makes no sense since I am constantly looking at my phone app and calender counting down the days and weeks till she's here.

    I just had my baby shower last weekend and was nervous going into it but it actually went really well. I think it had a lot to do with the fact that the people there were all wonderfully supportive friends that know me and understand, so I hope yours will go just as well.

  6. Hope your baby shower goes well and that you're able to enjoy it. And I hope the doctor at your review is everything you need her to be.