Sunday, February 12, 2012

Ultrasound update

Our ultrasound on Friday went well. We did not get to go over the results with our doctor, which always leaves room for worry, but what we did hear seemed be good news.

*The ultrasound measurements showed Mason only measuring ONE week ahead (so much better than 6).
*He weighs approximately 2 pounds 15 ounces
*He is more or less in the frank breech position. (Addison was ALWAYS head down) hoping he changes to head down on his own!
*The fluid level was "high" normal, which I was reminded is STILL normal so that was a relief.

There are several reasons that the measuring tape method could have been off by so much, but it was nice to hear that Mason wasn't the mammoth baby we were thinking he was.

Our ultrasound tech. is very aware of our story and spends extra time explaining what she is doing because she knows it helps. I was asking her a million questions and I could tell Brian felt bad for her. As soon as I asked about cord positioning I felt Brian tap me on the leg (like don't ask that kind of tap) he knows that no matter where the cord is they can't do anything and so we just shouldn't ask, but I need to know. She wouldn't talk to me about it, which of course makes me worry more than if we could just have a look. She did tell me that Mason wouldn't be moving so much if he had a cord wrap and boy was he moving.  Addison was always really easy at ultrasound appointments, but Mason was punching and kicking like crazy. He kept kicking at the wand.

We also got a VERY clear shot of his "boy" parts. I didn't really see them at our last ultrasound and just took her word that she saw he was a boy, this time there is no mistaking. It's not like I thought there was a chance she was wrong, but it was just a very clear IT'S A BOY.

My sister came with us and was excited to see Mason moving so much and really just SEE him. I think the ultrasound made Mason a little more real to her as well. As much as the tech. seems to understand she did make the comment to my sister about how watching Brian and I go through what we have must been hard. I could practically feel the hairs on her neck bristle when she answered back that we ALL lost Addison. It really pisses her off that people don't understand that our whole family misses and grieves Addison, not just Brian and I. Her fear for this pregnancy is practically as high as mine is and someday when she has her own baby she will be terrified and she won't get the "special" treatment...I hate that our experience taints every future pregnancy, but it is what it is.

Hopefully I will hear back from our doctor soon just to verify that ultrasound went as good as it seemed. I will also have a talk with him about cord positioning and see what he can tell me and what we can arrange for future ultrasounds.

As always just hearing our baby looked healthy and ALIVE was music to our ears. I definitely felt lighter the rest of the day...if only we could have ultrasounds all day every day!


  1. Great news!! That would make me nuts that the tech can't give you all of the info u want... I've heard others talk about this too. I'm just unfamiliar with it bc my ob and MFM have the ultrasounds done in their offices then I see them right after but the sonographer answers even more questions than they do. But good news is good news, no matter who it comes from!!

  2. Wonderful that your US went so well and that your US tech was understanding to explaining everything carefully... must have been magical to see him moving so much :) You're sister is so right... I forget about the impact that losing Gabrielle had on our families... so lovely that she's there to support you too. Love always xoxo

  3. Glad to know the measurements are good and he's doing well. I've got a frank breech on my hands as well. But what's really new with me?

    SO glad your sister was there and able to speak her mind as well. :) :)

  4. I love that your sister spoke up and said that you all lost Addison. I have never gotten the sense from most of the people in my husband's family that they share our loss and grief that way, and it sucks to feel like we are in this alone and everyone else would rather just not think about it and pretend that "terrible thing" didn't happen to us.

    I'm also glad that things looked good, and that your tech was so nice about explaining things. Wishing you easy weeks (and lots of movement) to come.

  5. Glad to read everything is going so well. Hoping you hear from your doctor soon with his/her results or thoughts. It's always nice to see our babies, isn't it? Take care and wishing you well in coming weeks.

  6. Yay for a very alive, slightly smaller than you thought, well endowed BOY :)

    And yay for your sister standing her ground like that.