Saturday, February 25, 2012

He has a what???

Normally I am prepared for the worst or at least I am 99% of the time...I feel like I have learned to expect it and then just be pleasantly surprised if it doesn't happen. I am usually a nervous wreck before a doctor appointment, but the last few have gone so well and I feel Mason moving so often now that waiting to hear the heartbeat doesn't give me too much anxiety. I can even have my blood pressure taken at the beginning of the appointment (which we couldn't do before because it would be way too high).

I usually have an entire list of questions saved in my phone to go over with the doctor. This time I only had a few things on my mind so I didn't bother to write them down.

We had to wait for an extra half hour to see our doctor, but that was fine because he is worth it. My main question was just wanting to know about the results from the ultrasound. I wasn't really worried because our reason for having it was because Mason was measuring 6 weeks ahead and the ultrasound showed him only measuring 1 week ahead. I should have known there would be more.

As soon as Dr. B walked in I asked about the ultrasound and he got a weird look. I believe the only thing I said was "oh shit".  He was tripping over his words, which was making me so paranoid. He was trying to explain that what they found could be nothing or it could be something, but it would be hard to explain, but he would do the best he could...I'm thinking just say it already!!!!

While they were checking his kidneys they saw that there was mild splitting of the renal sinus fat bilaterally. This measured 5.5mm on one side.

If you are anything like me you are thinking "say what"????

Dr. B explained that this isn't something they see often and there is not a lot of concrete information as to why this happens (awesome). He said it "could" just be that they happened to catch it in ultrasound before it was finished growing or that it could work itself out or that it won't be a problem at all. He said 9 out of 10 times it is nothing. I was like whoa wait stop right there, I hate statistics and 9/10 doesn't make me feel even the smallest bit better. He kind of laughed (in an appropriate way) and was like fair enough, no statistics for you guys!

I wanted to know worst case scenario what we were looking at. He was beating around the bush, but in a way that made me feel like we really shouldn't go there yet. The plan we have for now is this, do a repeat ultrasound in a few weeks and see if there are any changes. If things are not how they should be then we go see a specialist. Ugh. I am taking comfort in the fact that his kidneys and bladder seem to be functioning normally as of now.  Dr. B. joked that he knew I was waiting for something to legitimately worry about. It did make me laugh because it's true, I am always expecting something to go wrong. Damn.

Brian was pretty quiet during all of this, but he did make the comment that he knew I would be "googling the shit" out of this. Yep, I am/will continue to do just that.

In other news Mason's estimated fetal weight is between the 75th and 90th percentile. No tiny baby here!

It was hard to remember the rest of my questions after that, but I was worried about whooping cough as it has been on the news lately. I asked if I should get a vaccine while pregnant. he wanted to talk with the center for disease control before giving me an answer, but said that Brian could get one now to be proactive...that woke Brian up ha ha.

I also asked about cord positioning as the ultrasound tech. wouldn't talk to me about it. She is normally very forthcoming so saying nothing about it made me worry. Dr. B. went and checked his computer and I was hoping he would tell me it looked good, but instead he was telling me that it changes so much and even if there was something, at this point delivering Mason early would put the him in danger for life long complications and he wasn't of the mind set that we take that risk for something that may or may not happen. This news certainly didn't make me feel better, but I also understand where he is coming from. I am also confident that he isn't going to take any chances with us or Mason so maybe it's okay that I don't know every little detail.

We went over how these next 8ish weeks will go. As we were getting ready to leave, Dr. B said that this was even harder than he expected it to be for us. He had told me in the very beginning that it was his goal to hear me say at one point during this pregnancy that I was enjoying it, he seemed to understand that the chances of that happening are slim to none now. He also made the comment that I was going to cry like a baby when he puts Mason in my arms, now that is a pretty safe bet!

I had to go the bathroom after our appointment and as I walked into the bathroom, I caught a glance of my face in the mirror. It was all kinds of red and splotchy (cute I know). I have always worn my feelings on my face, I can't help it. I was wondering how long it had looked like that, but I am guessing from the moment I uttered "oh shit" would be pretty accurate.

When I came out Brian was in the hall talking with our doctor and the ultrasound tech. She was making sure that she would be the one to get to do our ultrasound. She was telling the doctor that she feels protective over us and that we are "hers" to which our doctor commented back that we were "his". Nice to be fought over in this environment, more people in our corner the better! I also realized that our 20 minute appointment took an hour and a did that happen?

So anyways that's the update...not one I was hoping for, but it could be worse. I am always grateful when I leave with no "new" worries and I wish this could have been one of those times!


  1. Oh my... Well hopefully we will all worry for nothing over these next few weeks until the ultrasound shows everything is great. Let me know what he ends up saying about the whooping cough vaccine. I've been thinking about that too. Will add it to my list of questions as well.

  2. I am so glad that you have Dr. B on your side through this - he is AMAZING! I told him that if I made it to 38 weeks, we were scheduling an induction on a day he was at St. Pete's... obviously THAT didn't happen! (Did you know that he is a twin??) I just KNOW that he will do the BEST possible thing for you and Mason.

  3. Oh, honey! Why do these crappy uncertainties have to happen when you (and Molly and Darcey and...) deserve nothing less than a smooth, complication-free pregnancy?! I love the open, honest relationship you have with your doc and LOVE that he and the u/s tech fought over you! I hope Mason's kidneys turn out to be just fine. <3

  4. Crap. I hate that you are left with more, "let's wait and see" types of questions. I'm glad your OBGYN is being so proactive and cautious with you. Enjoying this subsequent pregnancy is a tall order given the experience you've had... Hope this issue comes to a quick resolution and Mason is healthy . ;)

  5. Ugh! I kind of want to get on google and look that up about the kidneys now.
    Hoping everything turns out to be fine with mason and his kidneys. Why does it always seem like there's something?

  6. First, I just love the care you are getting. Those are exactly the kind of people you need and deserve to have taking care of you during this pregnancy - they sound really sweet. But I'm sorry you have something else to worry about. I can't remember what exactly, but there was a point during my pregnancy with Finn that they were concerned with the placenta and it was the same - "it could be nothing, or it could be something" and we had to wait a few weeks. Thankfully it was nothing and the placenta was still changing and growing when they first were concerned. I sure hope that statistics DO fall in your favor this time. Hand in there hun!!

  7. Rainbow babies are all about the drama...Luke failed every NST from wk 28-31, and then at 31 weeks failed so badly that they sent me in to the hospital (where he looked great), the next day I got admitted again with cramping I though was contractions- turned out I had UTI. And my nice scheduled repeat c? My water broke at 1 am and the kid had to be vaccumed out for the csection! It's usually something. So hopefully this is the extent of your drama and turns out to be nothing.

    I would definitely not get the shot now while you are preg. They should have had you get it after Addison was born (I got it while I was in the hosp. with Olivia) or before you got pregnant again. I'd just get it right after you deliver, personally. If it's not routinely given to preg women (it isn't), I vote you don't be a guinea pig. But then again, I'm one who refused a flu shot while preg too.

  8. I know you never wanted to hear that ANYTHING was wrong or different about him, I think I would freak out. But hoping that it resolves itself...just the fact that you're getting more ultrasounds (and it sounds like you have awesome doctors!) means there are more chances for them to find little things. Hoping for good news at your next ultrasound!

    LIke the previous poster, I personally would not get the shot while pregnant. But i have been hearing of more cases of whooping cough going around.

  9. Hoping this most recent development works itself out hon....I know it's hard not to worry and think the worse. Hang in there and will be thinking of you. Think positive and sounds like your getting good care.

  10. I'm so sorry that you have a "wait and see" situation. I've heard countless stories where those issues turn out to be nothing, but like you said 9/10 means NOTHING to us anymore. I'll be thinking of you and Mason as you wait for an update. Glad that it sounds like you're getting such good, personalized care.

  11. I hope it works itself out and I'm glad that you have such good caring doctors!

  12. So glad you have excellent people taking care of you. I hate that you don't have all the answers you want right now but it helps to know that the people caring for you and Mason are on top of everything. I will be praying for you and Mason and will be looking out for an update.

  13. Oh, yuck. I'm so glad you have good people watching you and baby Mason, though. Hoping this goes away quickly.