Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Blue Storks?

The other day Brian asked me if there would be blue storks (or something) in our yard when we came home from the hospital with Mason. It really threw me off as it was a random comment and the fact that he is thinking THAT far ahead.

I just looked at him like he was freaking crazy. My initial response was NO! I don't want that crap in my yard. I just want to bring home this baby period!

He looked so sad. He reminded me (like I need reminding) that when we came home WITHOUT Addison that there were no fun "It's a GIRL" signs, no celebrating and it was just sad and awful...yeah that part is clear as a bell! We did however have one sign...I had asked that my family put a sign on our door that said something along the lines of "no visitors". I didn't want people stopping by (either because they didn't know and wanted to see our new baby or people that did know and wanted to check on us). I just wanted to be left alone. I wanted visitors only on my own terms, I needed to be in control of something.

I don't have any pictures of "the sign" (because who wants to remember that?!?), so I can't show you. Trust me when I say it was huge. It was so big that it was screwed into the side of my house, not just quietly taped to the door. Both Brian and I were a little shocked when we saw how massive it was, but were glad to have it because let's face it NO ONE was going to miss it! It did the trick, we didn't get a single unannounced visitor.

THIS time when we do get to bring our baby home (please oh please) I wanted to do it quietly as to not point out all the excitement that we missed out on last time, but let's be honest, I already KNOW what we missed out on and celebrating Mason isn't going to change that. So for Brian's sake I am willing to re-evaluate this. If having crap on the car that says "It's a BOY" and signs in our yard will make him happy then by all means let's celebrate. We freaking deserve it. I still don't know about the blue storks, but I better google them to see if I can find them. Auntie Alisa, mom and dad take note, there better be signs :)


  1. Oh, girl, what can I say except <3!!! You make me smile. I can't imagine the Hell that would have been unleashed had someone ignored your ginormous sign last time. Wowsa. I kind of see where Brian's coming from, but I think I'd feel the same way as you...we didn't get to celebrate last time, so let's not go overboard this time as if announcing and decorating would somehow make last time ok...especially when we already worry that's what everyone thinks anyway, that once we have a live baby, our dead babies are somehow forgotten. Sigh.

  2. Wow... I sorta wish you had a pic of that sign. Lol!. I get why you don't tho, of course. I had a sign of sorts of my own... We have a large picture window in front, and the drapes were closed for the first time. Ever. It made the entire house dark and sent a message. When my best friend came to the door (announced), she told me she noticed that those drapes had never been closed... I think people got our message.i hope you are able to do your storks!

  3. Definitely do something...as scary as it is, i truly believe u will be coming home with Mason and it should be a small celebration. We put up It's a boy balloons just so my poor neighbors would know everything was ok...I had way too many people saying the wrong thing last time because they had no clue

  4. I'm good with doing signs inside, but wouldn't it be just our luck if a baby snatcher saw that little blue stork as an invite? I know this is being a little crazy, but I'm kind of paranoid about outside signs :-/