Thursday, February 23, 2012

30 Weeks

How Far Along: 30 weeks (our baby is as big as a Cucumber). 30 weeks was a mini "goal" I had in my head. Even though staying pregnant doesn't seem to be my particular problem, it just seemed like a huge accomplishment so I am thankful to be here!
Maternity Clothes: Still nothing motivation is lacking on all levels.
Movement: Seems to be back on schedule. This is great, but also sets me up to freak out again when it changes.
Gender: A brother for Addison, Mason Alexander.
Symptoms: Runny nose, my hips pop when I get out of bed, light sciatica and heart burn are kicking in again, thicker hair (or at least less is falling out in the shower). More day time bathroom breaks. Pregnancy brain has been really kicking in...I keep forgetting my phone and other random things. I also find that the bigger I get the more things I drop. It's not like I can't bend down to pick stuff up, it's just that I seem to be doing it all the time! This also happened with Addison. I wonder if there is a correlation bigger=clumsier...for me there seems to be!
Cravings: Nothing really...Brian came home with double stuffed Oreos "for me"...I think his pregnancy cravings are kicking in too :) I have noticed that I eat at least one banana every day. It's not that I crave them so much, but I really like banana for breakfast or even mid day snack.
Belly Button In or Out: Still in, still "looks down towards the ground".
Best Moment this week: Nice weekend with friends. Having Monday off sure made the week feel lighter. Mason had the hiccups twice this week and one of the times was in the evening. Brian said he never felt them with Addison...which I swear isn't true, but it's what he remembers. Anyways he got to feel them this time and he thought that was pretty cool. He didn't believe that I knew what they were...umm hello I have done this a few times and there is nothing to mistake about soft, rhythmic thumping in one location.
Freak-out of the week: Dare I say there wasn't one this week...I guess that's a good thing other than the fact that I haven't gotten anything accomplished.
What I miss: My motivation...can't seem to find it anywhere!
What I am looking forward to: Another weekend with friends.
Next Appointment: Friday, February 24th.
Something Else: We had a lot of fun catching up with several friends this weekend. Saturday when Brian was working my mom, sister and I went to go see "The Vow" it was just okay. We had more fun making a girl's day out of it and having lunch after. I think going to the movie theater is generally a disappointing experience. It always sounds good in theory, but the cost and the annoying people that are in the theater with you are not so fun. The lady sitting next to me had on some gross, strong perfume, gag! The movie was predictable and the ending was lame...I would wait to rent it.

Monday (my extra day off) started out by taking 3 out of the 4 members of our herd (it feels like a herd) to the vet. It was just annual check-ups/shots, but it felt like quite the undertaking. Did I mention I did this all by myself?!? Brian had to work and I wanted to get it done. It's easier to do them all at once and it would have been 4 out of 4 if Bella were on the same schedule as the others...I may make Brian take her when her time comes up in April! Anyways the two dogs and cat did great. There is always a small amount of fear for them when we go there so they are usually on their very best behavior. Both the vet and the assistant commented on how good they all were...apparently the fact that no one was scratched, bit or peed on makes for a good day in their line of work. I was glad to be an "easy" appointment. Plus apparently Marley is famous in this office because the fact that she "smiles" on demand is pretty funny to them. They had fun getting her to smile...I have seen it for almost 4 years now and we still laugh every.single.time. If I can figure out how to post a video I will post one of her smiling, it's ridiculous and hilarious. A picture doesn't do it justice because then it just looks like she is showing her teeth, seeing her do it in person is a party pleaser!

Last night my grandpa (not the one who was recently in the hospital) celebrated his 86th birthday. He AND his twin sister. Pretty impressive. Yes, Phillip and Phyllis made it another year! Gotta love the matchy matchy names! He is STILL convinced that I am carrying twins. He said his mother didn't know she was having twins and so it is possible I just don't know. I have showed him the ultrasound picture, but he still thinks twins (he thoughts twins the whole time with Addi too). This time I promised him that IF in fact there are twins in there I will carry on the Phillip/Phyllis combo...that's how certain I am that there is only ONE baby in there haha. He can never remember the name Mason so he calls this baby be fair it's his go-to name when he is uncertain! He's 86, he can call him whatever he wants!

The whole fam went over to have root beer floats with Grandpa Phil last night. We used the juke box (like we do for every birthday) and sang Happy Birthday and happily ate our traditional root beer floats. I couldn't even begin to count how many times we have done this exact same thing for each persons birthday. I really hope we get to do this with Mason too. After the float, Mason was especially active. My belly was moving like a tidal wave and everyone was staring at it (who needs t.v. when you have this kind of entertainment)?!? It was neat for everyone to get to see him moving. Addi never moved so big that you could see from the outside for such long periods of time. If she moved big, it generally wasn't followed by another big movement. Not Mason, he moves and moves and moves! My dad wanted pictures of all the men together. So we had both grandpas, my brother, dad and Brian. For one picture they had me just put my belly in...pretty funny. It's not on my camera so unfortunately I can't include it on here.

All in all it was a pretty good week. I'm still impressed it's been 2 weeks of no promises for this week though! Thirty weeks....THIRTY! WOW! I really can't believe it. This morning I told Brian how impressed I was that I made it 30 weeks without having to be put in a white room with padded walls...he agreed...thanks babe! I guess there is still time. Ha!


  1. Woohoo! 30 weeks!! That's huge! I'm happy you've had a nice week, good times with friends and family, and more to come. I love reading about your rootbeer float cute and simple and cool.

    It also must be awesome to have your family able to "see" Mason in action from the outside like that. I love that your belly was included in a photo with the guys. It warms my heart.


  2. 30 sure is something to be proud of! I don't miss the days of my hips popping getting out of bed! I love your updates. . . but let's get some pictures of that cute belly! Sneak Peaks of Mr. Mason if you will :)

  3. I'm glad you had a "good" week! You are getting closer and closer! Kayla never made huge movements that were visible from the outside either, so I'm really hoping this baby will be a mover!

  4. Congrats on 30 weeks. Here's hoping you have at least a few more good weeks before Mason makes his appearance.

  5. Love that he has been so active for you...he knows momma needs constant reassurance! Congrats on 30...2 moths to go :-)

  6. Yay - 30 weeks with some sanity intact is indeed awesome ... and your grandpa sounds brilliant!