Thursday, February 9, 2012

28 Weeks

How Far Along: 28 weeks (HELLO THIRD TRIMESTER...umm how did we get here already)!!!!! (our baby is as big as a head of Chinese Cabbage).
Maternity Clothes: I keep planning to buy more and then I just don' much effort seems to be involved!
Movement: Tuesday night Brian and I were sitting on the couch (well really he sits, I lean, lay, snuggle next to him/on him. Whichever position seems most comfortable. Anyways this particular night I was lying on my back with my head in Brian's lap and I grabbed Brian's hand to put on my belly since Mason was being active. Brian has been wanting to play music for Mason like we did with Addison and I have not really wanted to. He picked different music for Mason, which was easier for me. As he put his phone to my belly Mason really started to move. Brian was able to video with my phone as his phone played the music. While we saw Addison's movements from the outside, we never saw them as big as the movements Mason was making Tuesday night. We both just stared in awe as our little boy moved all over my belly. It was some instrumental guitar music (normally I can't stand this sort of thing, but since it wasn't Addison's music it seemed okay). We tried it again last night and didn't get as big of a response. Hopefully that won't be the last "jam" session. Brian REALLY wanted to post it on his facebook, but since it's MY belly on camera, I get the final say and that was not happening! Just because I don't have any stretch marks doesn't mean you get to see!
Sleep: One bathroom break per night. My hips and back have been hurting more, which makes it hard to get comfortable. Yesterday morning I woke up two hours before I needed to, but couldn't fall back asleep, but last night I fell asleep at 8:30...on the dog (yes on her) and I was snoring...or so Brian tells me! How's that for a pretty picture...thank God Brian loves me ;)
Gender: A brother for Addison, Mason Alexander.
Symptoms: Runny nose, headaches, leg cramps, heart burn, my hips pop when I get out of bed, sensitive eyes and SCIATICA. Oh my, this is new to me. I thought something has been wrong in my butt, back, legs, but then I got the "friendly email" from baby center about sciatica and ding ding ding, that's what this is! Mason must be on my sciatic nerve, so our little darling is LITERALLY a pain in my backside ha! I knew he was positioned differently then Addison, but now I would much prefer the more frequent bathroom breaks opposed to this. I had a chiropractor appointment last night and I am feeling better this morning, I love it when I get a good snap, crackle, pop! And sneezes are still just as dangerous!
Cravings: Nothing this week.
Belly Button In or Out: Still in, still "looks down towards the ground".
Best Moment this week: Watching Mason move all over in my belly was pretty cool.
Freak-out of the week: No big freak-outs. Sunday nights are still pretty hard, anticipating a new work week. Monday I was in a funk, made it home just in time to have a private cry on the couch. Brian "cooked" that night aka brought home food ;)
What I miss: Wish my answer was different, but I am still missing the joy.
What I am looking forward to: We have our ultrasound on Friday and I always look forward to seeing Mason and hearing (please oh please) that everything is okay.
Next Appointment: Friday, February 10th. Ultrasound appointment to check size.
Something Else: So I had my gestational diabetes test last Friday and I assumed that because I was positive for it with Addison that I would have it again this time. I have been planning on the changes that need to made and also preparing to prick my palm 3x a day to check my blood sugars. It wasn't fun, but it was something I learned to deal with and figured it was only a matter of time before I was doing it again. Especially after hearing Mason was measuring 6 weeks bigger, to me I didn't even think the glucose test was necessary...seemed for sure to me. I was waiting for "the call" to say I needed to come in for the 3 hour test. My phone finally rang Tuesday with my doctor's office on the caller ID. I answered my phone and said something along the lines of you must be calling to tell me to come back for the 3 hour test. The nurse seemed confused. Apparently she was calling because my thyroid levels were off and they wanted to increase my thyroid meds. She looked up my glucose test and said that they like to see people under 130, I came in at 85....are you kidding me?!?! Do you have me confused with someone else???? Don't get me wrong I am THRILLED not to have gestational diabetes, but then WHY is Mason SO big? I guess I will just have to wait for Friday's ultrasound.

I turned to Dr. Google (because I can't help myself) and for the most part there are several reasons he could be big that are totally fine. The ONE bad reason I found (other than gestational diabetes) is that it is possible he isn't swallowing enough amniotic fluid. After that I decided to quit looking because I know I don't need extra reasons to panic. So please keep your fingers crossed he is just big and there is nothing wrong. I am fine with being "that girl" who is on the news for having a 14lb baby as long as he comes out healthy and ALIVE!  Also I think the whole world thinks I might just be off a month in my calculations, I suppose anything is possible, but trust me I was a Nazi about this ttc process. Everything is charted, documented and saved for future reference. Very very doubtful.

Tuesday night we had dinner with some friends and my favorite rent-a-kids. A will be 14 next month and O is 8. They each sat next to me and couldn't get enough "belly" time. They were fighting over who got to touch Mason last and who got more time yada yada. They were really hoping to feel a kick. Unfortunately Mason didn't "perform" until after we left, but it was sweet to see them SO interested. At one point they each had their head on one side of my belly...I am kicking myself for not getting a picture of this Mason lovin'!

Also on this same day one of my co-workers (I only have two) asked if we knew the gender of the baby yeah I have known for weeks....thanks for asking! Just goes to show you that I do not talk about my personal stuff hardly ever at the office.

I'm still feeling pretty low. Just really sad. I have been having good moments, but I just can't seem to make it to the other side of this funk...still working on it though.

Brian works in the flooring industry and really wants new carpet in the nursery and soon-to-be transformed play room. I am thinking just one room, but we will see. He found some really cute Winnie the Pooh carpet (not with big characters on it, just subtle impressions in it) he LOVES it, but since I am the practical one, I can only think of re-sale value. I know, I know I always ruin all his fun. Will keep you posted on this one.

I really can't believe we are in the third trimester...I woke up this morning feeling like I really need to get things in gear. 28 weeks TODAY and if we induce at 38 that is a measly 10 weeks left...10 weeks. I know in some way these 10 weeks will be the longest of my life and in others I know it won't be long enough to prepare mentally for what is about to happen. I feel like I have 30 weeks of missed excitement to make up for and I am still not there yet. Hoping this weekend I will be able to get a lot accomplished around the long as my back cooperates!


  1. Oh, so many thoughts! How cool that you were able to see Mason move so much. I so hope for that for myself and Paul one day. I was thinking last night that you've only got 10 weeks left and OMG!! LOL about the and I are a lot alike! Gotta stay practical always. (If only everyone liked Winny the Pooh heads cut into their carpet, right?) I can't wait to hear about your u/s tomorrow. Wonder how big he'll be?? My friend was warned her baby boy would be big but he was only 9lb3oz, not bad at all.

  2. Whoa - third trimester! That's crazy. Yay for not having GD. Take it easy, though - you sound so ambitious with house projects :)

  3. Yay for the third trimester! SO happy for you! I hope the next 10 weeks fly by for you. Love that Mason was so active for you guys :)

  4. Yay for 28 weeks and reaching the third trimester!

  5. Great to hear that all is going well for you and Mason (congrats on boy and love the name :))... love the story about the music and great that you don't need to worry about diabetes. Sorry that I haven't been around.... love to you always xoxo