Friday, February 3, 2012

27 Weeks 1 Day

How Far Along: 27 weeks 1 Day (our baby is as big as a head of Cauliflower).
Maternity Clothes: I should really go buy some more, I'm getting tired of what I have!
Movement: Still a good little mover!
Sleep: I keep saying sleep is interrupted by 1-2 bathroom breaks each night, but I couldn't tell you the last time it was more than one...guess I am afraid I will jinx myself. I swear I was getting up at least 3x this point with Addison, but Mason must be positioned just enough different that it isn't getting me up, whatever the reason I am appreciative of this one and only disturbance of sleep.
Gender: A brother for Addison, Mason Alexander.
Symptoms: Runny nose, headaches, leg cramps, heart burn, my hips pop when I get out of bed and lately when I sit after a little bit it feels like I don't have enough"cushion" back there...clearly that it not the issue, but it's still a weird feeling. Oh and just this week my eyes are feeling really strained and sensitive to bright light.
Cravings: I have been wanting strawberries, but they haven't been looking very good. This week they finally looked edible and they were! They were yummy!
Belly Button In or Out: Still in, still "looks down towards the ground".
Best Moment this week: Probably going to the PALS (pregnancy after loss support) meeting.
Freak-out of the week: I wouldn't say there was a specific instance, but there was more crying this week...again.
What I miss: I miss the joy that used to come with talking to strangers about my pregnancy. I was always happy to talk to anyone and everyone with Addison and now I cringe when someone brings it up.
What I am looking forward to: Not sure, but I am SO glad it's the weekend! No big plans, but just not having to go to work is a great feeling.
Next Appointment: Friday, February 10th. We are having an ultrasound.
Something Else: The PALS meeting was really nice to go to. We hated driving over an hour away on a work night, but sitting in a room of pregnant women who for the most part understand was a relief to me.
*My Grandpa (Bopa) was able to come HOME from the hospital! After almost a week, an internal bleed, 17 pints of new blood, ICU and lots of worry he seems to be doing great. I know he can't live forever, but if we could keep him long enough to meet Mason, that would be amazing.
*The funeral in the baby area was for a little girl. I could tell from the pink flowers and little doll. Breaks my heart. The spot they chose was NOT the one next to Addison so I still have that little bit of "deranged insurance" knowing that spot is open just in case, but please oh please don't let us need it.
*We finally got to our OB appointment (2 weeks behind schedule thanks to the snow). It was so nice to see my doctor. He always makes me feel at ease. He gave me some good options for how to proceed with the next little bit. We also talked about inducing early and he didn't flinch when I asked for 38 weeks. Of course this is all dependent on my cervix (and Mason of course), but it was nice that we seemed to be on the same page. Mason's heart was beating at a wonderful 130bpm and my blood pressure was right where it needed to be. The only thing off at today's appointment was that I am measuring at 33 weeks...that's SIX weeks bigger than I should be! Yikes! He ordered an ultrasound, but didn't seem too worried. I also had my gestational diabetes test today. Since Mason is so big, I am thinking there is a pretty good chance I will be positive for GD just like I was with Addi, ugh. I guess the nickname "Mac" is pretty a MAC truck! Addison was 8 pounds so I don't expect Mason to be tiny, but I also don't want to be on the news for having a 14 pound baby or some crazy thing...although for alive and healthy I would take 14 pounds! haha
*I'm not sure if it's the meeting we went to, the sunny weather, our doctor's appointment, just time in general, but I think I might be feeling a little lighter. Like maybe this dark cloud is lifting a bit. I still don't feel the things I should be feeling, but my shoulders don't feel quite so heavy today, hopefully this new trend stays with me!


  1. I hope the trend continues too! I've been thinking about you a lot lately. We need to get together soon. <3

  2. Holy moly! 33 weeks?! Whoa! Bigger is great though and muuuuch better than too small, thankfully! ;) MAC truck indeed.

  3. Oh, God, a Mac truck! :) I hope you're not GD+ again, but at least you know what to do and expect if you are. Glad the PALS meeting was good. Maybe someday I'll join you there. And big yay for a doctor who's on board for induction!!

    Hugs, honey! See you next week!

  4. Oh, I wish we had a PALS groups! That would be nice. I'm glad your grandpa is doing better.

  5. Hey, welcome to the fat baby club, my friend. I seriously have been buying maternity until last week. I've got like 3+ weeks left and I'm still buying crap. I. need. to. stop. It's just so much easier to buy crap for me than for a baby I don't know I get to keep. :/ I hear ya on the insurance. Kinda scary to think that we could possibly have more losses. We've just lost so much already.

    Glad your grandfather is doing well and you have support through your doctor and PALS friends.

  6. I'm glad that things have lightened a little - we need those moments of respite and I'm glad that things are going well with not so little little one.

    My rainbow was born at 38+3 and I was glad to know right from early on that I didn't have to get to 40 - my sanity was already worn pretty thin, it probably couldn't have stretched another 10 days or so. I'm glad that your OB is on board with the idea.

  7. I'm glad you are feeling lighter. It's nice when those days come :) Sounds like your little guy is growing growing growing! 33 weeks- wow! I hope you don't get any where near 14 lbs mama!! My little Mason was 4 weeks early- we planned for 36 weeks from the beginning because that's where we lost Aiden. Glad to know your OB was on board with everything you want to do. Continuing to pray for a healthy baby Mason!

  8. Whoa big baby! I hope it just means you're growing a big, healthy boy in there.

    I know just what you mean about cringing when you talk to strangers. I've been dressing to hide my bump, so when a woman in my yoga class asked me how far along I was, I just stared at her for a second (even though I was in a yoga tank, so obviously...). I mumbled "19 weeks" and then hurried away before she could ask me anything else.