Sunday, January 22, 2012

Snowmageddon 2012 (WA style)

We have been anticipating snow for a month or so now and were told it would hit hard around Tuesday. Monday was MLK Day so I had the day off work. I went in on my day off because I wanted to make sure things were ready in preparation for the impending snow. I worked part of Monday and then Tuesday morning the snow was not as bad as we had been told so I went in. It snowed on and off all day, but wasn't too bad. Again I prepared to possibly miss the next day of work.

Wednesday did not disappoint. We woke up to 11+ inches in our yard. In my life I have never seen this much snow without going to the mountains! Brian took one look at me and told me I was NOT going to work. You see while to other states/cities this amount of snow it is no big deal, here in Western Washington no one knows how to drive in it and the city is not prepared to make the roads drivable. So it snows, people panic and it's an all around cluster outside. Not to mention the number of smart cars and prius' we have around here...not exactly snow ready!

I have a small SUV, Brian has a truck both 4WD so we are good, but I don't trust the other drivers and was not putting my precious cargo at risk. So I stayed home in my yoga pants and enjoyed the view from my window.

Thursday morning was worse. The ice was thick all over everything. The trees were snapping like twigs under the weight. It sounded like shots were going off all day, but it was just the sound of breaking limbs. I was SO thankful my previous neighbors had taken down the trees in their yard that hung over our less thing to worry about! Our poor little tree out front didn't escape the ice, but if that was our biggest problem, I'll take it! We lost power on Thursday night and it didn't come back on until today (Sunday).

One of the days Brian drove me to the cemetery and fellow blm had uncovered Addison's headstone (so sweet). We uncovered two others and made sure everything was okay. There was a big tree down, but luckily no where near the baby area.

Friday morning I had a doctor appointment. Brian drove me there (he grew up in Maine, he loves this stuff) he had no trouble. Once we got to the office we could tell they were closed. I had tried to call before, but there was never any answer or machine. I was bummed to get there just to have to turn around, but thankfully this was not a "big" appointment and Mason's movements have been frequent. Brian drove me to work and the road was blocked off to my office, we could see a power line that had fallen over the 3 of no work for me! I tried though!

I have never missed a full day of work due to weather before and this year I missed 3, pretty crazy. Old me would have tried it, but new me knows it isn't worth the risk.

It wasn't fun, but it could have been so much worse. We have a fireplace to keep us warm and my parents live 10 minutes away and they have a generator. We were able to go there for hot showers and food. It was inconvenient, but certainly not the end of the world. We also had some great friends offer to feed us! The worst thing was probably that we lost all the food in our fridge. We really thought the power would come back on sooner so we didn't take action to save it, totally our fault. I HATE throwing away food, but I am not willing to try anything. On the bright side our fridge and freezer will get a good scrubbing!

One of the nights our bedroom was 51 degrees...we keep the door closed to keep the dogs out. It was painfully cold. I asked Brian what we would have done if Addison had been here. I was thinking I probably would have stayed with her over at my parent's house. He said we would have just opened the door sooner to get some heat from the fireplace and snuggled her in between us...that sounded perfect. I went to bed that night thinking what it would have been like if my 13 month old little girl was snuggled in between us with fleece footy pajamas. Something like that would have made losing the power a beautiful memory, instead it is just a beautiful thought.

I wish I would have taken better/more pictures, but I was terrified to leave the front porch. I figured the last thing I needed was to slip and fall in my driveway and then need to go to the ER.  So unfortunately this is all I got.

Ice over the branch at my sister's place.

Our poor tree out front...couldn't take the weight of the snow and ice!

This is a terrible measuring tape picture, but it's around 11 inches here.

Now I am going crazy doing laundry and running the dishwasher. I will need to dump everything in the fridge, but I am scared to open it! So thankful to have lights (electricity in general), hot water and then the less important, but very wonderful wi-fi and satellite!


  1. "I was SO thankful my previous neighbors had taken down the trees in their yard that hung over our less thing to worry about!"
    ^---this! this! a million times this!

    I'm glad Brian, Mason, and you stayed safe.

  2. Wow - what a storm!

    I am so touched by the part where you went to the cemetery and someone had uncovered Addi's stone and so you paid that forward.