Saturday, January 7, 2012

Packing up the pink

I started today...packing up the pink and it was just as awful as I anticipated. There is still a lot more to do, but all the clothes, blankets etc. are sorted and  "space saved". I know they were just things, but it felt like packing Addison up...I think the pictures speak for themselves so I will let them do the talking...


The lamp and wall hangings still need to go.

Random pink stuff

Full drawers


and sorting...

and sorting.

Empty paper still needs to come out.

Oh...more sorting.

5 Space saver bags that contain so much more than just clothes and blankets...

That's enough for one day.


  1. I'm so sorry, my friend. I know I don't have to pack any boy items up, but I do feel such angst with you as those photos portray your day. It's not easy and won't be. Ever. Even if there is another little girl to wear that gorgeous pink.

    I saw that pink paper in the drawers and thought to myself that I would keep it there. As a reminder of Addison... but that isn't my choice. I know it would likely be very hard for you to see everyday as you open those drawers.

    I told E that no matter what our next living child is-- boy or girl-- he/she is still wearing dinosaurs. ;) Other than that, we don't have a whole lot that's not gender neutral to begin with. I'm a tomboy and any girl I'd have will likely be similar. But yeah... I still have to deal with the items bought specifically for Andrew that are now for his brother.

    It's hard all around. That is PLENTY for one day. You should see our tornado nursery. Door remains closed and I don't even think I'll keep it open until long after we bring home a live one. :/

  2. Oh, Sweetie. That looks so very hard. I'm sorry the day has come.

    Hugs to you both...

  3. Such a bitter-sweet moment.. To have to pack up your "Addie" things to make room for her brother. :(

    It's so apparent, from looking at all the beautiful pink things you have, that you loved her from the very start. I remain eternally sorry that she is not with you.

    I'm sure today was a tough one for you. Thinking of you.

  4. heart feels heavy seeing all the things that you need to pack away. Sending you lots love since this must have been pretty tough. Our boys came so early that we hadn't set up their room yet so I can only imagine...


  5. Omg. That was something I was so scared of having to do. I cannot imagine how awful that was. Wow. Big hugs.

    Btw, holy crap about the hummus!! Had no idea and have been eating a ton of black bean hummus!

  6. Oh hun - I'm sure that was so hard. It sure shows how much Addi was love and always will be.

    While I got to "re-use" most of my boy stuff it's still hard when I see some things that were just meant for Cale. Like the blanket that was handmade, or the things I had monogramed. Even stuff I recognize as clothes I got at Cale's baby shower. Just makes me wish he got to use them all :(

    I'm so, so sorry. I sure wish your little girl was here.

  7. How amazingly difficult that must have been for you. You're so right when you say those bags contain so much more than baby clothes. Keep strong Mama.

  8. Keleen, I am so sorry...I know this is what you have dreaded and it must have been so hard. I am thinking of you!!!!

  9. It was the empty picture frames that got me. Another one of the 'hardest days' to add to the list. You're amazing to have gotten through it.
    I really hope you have another little girl to make use of all of Addison's things. It's just so sad that it's not her.
    My heart goes out to you. Love and strength Mama. xxx

  10. I'm so so sorry.....major hugs mama.

    It was hard to go through the nursery when we were getting ready for Mason. Even though we reused a lot of the boy things it was hard to go through all of Aiden's things that were just for him.

    Definitely give your self a break- you can only do so much at a time. By the way all her things and nursery decorations are just beautiful!

  11. That must have been such a difficult day for you. Addison looks like she has so much wonderful stuff:)
    I am glad I did more gender neutral for Liam but I do have a few things that my little lady won't be able to wear since it clearly says "little man" or something else boy related and even that hurts knowing it won't be used yet again.
    You are in my thoughts as you continue to put away the pink.

  12. I'm so sorry. I know that was impossibly hard. So much love in those bags of clothes and things... I'm glad you're preparing for her little brother, but I'm so, so sorry that she's not here with you. Sending love.

  13. I am sorry. I lost my baby girl at 22 weeks. It was so hard for me pack her stuff away. I ended up pushing all of it in a corner & leaving it there in my room. Eventually, that became really hard. Every time I stepped in my room, slept in my bed or even walked by - I just knew all of it was there. What was even worse the fact that at my brothers home we had a room filled with little girl stuff. I told him one day (sooner or later) I will pack all of it and put it all away. Thankfully, my sweet cousins did it for me. I am sorry you have had to go through this. Feel better hun.

    Check out mines

  14. Forgot to include; I am now a follower & congrats on your current pregnancy.

  15. Oh, that just broke my heart. I know that feeling to an extent. Like I've said before, we packed things away a few weeks after we lost Addi and that was horrible. Can't imagine packing up that much stuff once it was all in place. Ours was just strewn all over the nursery. So sorry.

  16. Ugh...I don't even have words. I know that was impossibly hard. I was terrified we'd have to do that, and had already prepared my husband for making the guest room into a boy nursery. You're so strong. I'm proud to call you my friend. Big huge hugs to you.