Thursday, January 12, 2012

24 Weeks

How Far Along: 24 weeks (our baby is as long as an ear of corn). This week our little boy is viable. I was able to celebrate this for like a second and now my next goal is 3rd trimester...I will always be hoping for the next milestone! I just wish there was a milestone we could reach that would help me relax, but I don't see that happening.
Maternity Clothes: Yes
Movement: Good movement and he is good to move after I poke and prod. He is also very active after meals.
Sleep: is interrupted by 1-2 bathroom breaks each night mostly just one though. I was falling asleep after dinner with Brian on the couch...I just couldn't get enough sleep!
Gender: A brother for Addison.
Symptoms: Still have the runny nose.
Cravings: I actually called Brian on his way home from work to stop and pick up strawberry fruit roll-ups. I don't think I have had one since I was in elementary school and yet I wanted one SO bad...well the baby did :)
Belly Button In or Out: in
Best Moment this week: My listeria results came back negative! That was a relief, but sucks that I took antibiotics I didn't need!
Freak-out of the week: Rough week. I've felt like an emotional break down was coming and wow did it come. It needs it's own post though.
What I miss: I miss the joy. Still much too worried to feel like I can enjoy anything. Which I feel guilty and sad about. Will include this topic in the next post as well.
What I am looking forward to: Monday off from work!
Next Appointment: Friday, January 20th
Something Else: I got some more of Addison's things organized. Brian got a couple paint samples for the nursery. It broke my heart to watch him paint swatches on Addi's pink walls. We also seem to have accumulated a hampers worth of baby boy things. It's nice to have some things that are just for him. Makes this feel a little more real.

Brian is dying to announce our news. I keep finding reasons to put it off. I told him for sure he could do it Friday and then decided maybe Monday. On one hand I don't want this going on Facebook and on the other I am tired of this being a "secret" (ironic since I blog about it, but my blog isn't on my FB page). I am terrified of the "well-meaning moron" comments. I don't feel like I can post it without a disclaimer about was is acceptable to say and what isn't, but then again a status update shouldn't be 10 pages long...I just so don't want to deal with hurtful comments...I can't handle it. When we do post I will be sure to be ready to delete comments and unfriend people at a moments notice. I have no need for them in my life. I think part of me would like to wait until he is born to announce him, but at the same time, I regret nothing of all the updates I did with Addison. I just hate to think of all the people who will think we are "all better" with our "replacement baby" ugh, it makes me sick to think that there WILL be people who actually believe this baby replaces Addison :( I'll let you know how it goes and you can bet any stupid comments will be talked about in length on this blog!


  1. You've been on my mind constantly since Thursday night. It probably doesn't feel like it, but you're doing so good, honey! This has to be so terrifying and conflicting...and I'm pretty certain it's totally normal to feel what you feel.

    As for Facebook, maybe you could say, along with your announcement, that you're scared and trying to be excited, or that you're cautiously expecting, so something like that. The great thing is, you have the power to delete any comment that rubs the wrong way, in addition to kicking the individual commenter to the curb.

    Sending you big hugs, always...

  2. Do what makes you feel the most comfortable. I have chosen to wait until Layton shows his face and that will be the first "public" FB outing. I know a lot of people will be surprised, but I really don't care. My blog is where I celebrate or complain about this pregnancy, but it is hard when I have 4 friends all due within 2 weeks of me and a part of me would like to share all the little things like they are.

    So happy about the NEGATIVE test!!!! I was on antibiotics for strep right around 20 weeks of pregnancy and my doctor said don't even worry about it...easier said then done...I know!!

    Glad you are starting to gather some things for this little time goes on you will continue to stress, but as scary as it is I actually have moments where I think things may actually work out this time.

    Thinking of you all the time and hoping you continue to find some peace.

  3. A little late but just wanted to say YAY for making it to 24 weeks. That is a big milestone and you are that much closer to meeting your little guy.

    I'm sure I will be super stressed about whether or not to announce on facebook too. Let us know what you decide to do!