Thursday, January 5, 2012

23 Weeks

How Far Along: 23 weeks (our baby is as big as a large Mango). One week until this little boy is can't come soon enough! Not that I want him coming that soon, but knowing that if something were to happen no medical steps would be taken to save him are enough to make me go mad...well more so than I already am!
Maternity Clothes: Yes
Movement: Yes and they are getting bigger, which is the best.
Sleep: is interrupted by 1-2 bathroom breaks each night mostly just one though. I was able to get to bed a little after 9pm two nights in a row! I am still tired, but it is so needed!
Gender:  A brother for Addison.
Symptoms: Still have the runny nose and the last 2 days I have been nauseous, but I don't know if it is pregnancy or sick related.
Cravings: I made rice crispy treats for New Years and they were so yummy I had to make another batch!
Belly Button In or Out: in
Best Moment this week: We got this little boy's nursery set in the mail this week, which was great and weird. I knew it was coming and yet when it got here I couldn't figure out why on earth I had ordered it so soon...still so much time for things to go wrong. I wouldn't let Brian take it out of the packaging yet...just in case. There is this fine line of getting on board for this baby and not counting our chickens if you know what I mean!
Freak-out of the week: Well there was the morning I woke up and my stomach felt weird and I was convinced there would be no heartbeat and then there was the big one this week...I ate some hummus on Friday (It's only something I figured out I liked after Addison was born and I didn't know it was on the no-no list while pregnant since it wasn't on the menu any other time in my life). As soon as I found out it was one of the things that could contain listeria I was freaking out. I have also been newly nauseous the last two days, had a headache, stiff neck etc., which can be signs. So I called my nurse yesterday in a panic and she scheduled a blood test and antibiotics because the blood test takes 3-6 days to come back and she and my doctor want to take a proactive approach. I am a freak show.
What I miss: Not being a freak show.
What I am looking forward to: The blood test coming back (negative for listeria, PLEASE) and each time this baby boy moves.
Next Appointment: Friday, January 20th
Something Else: It's been a crazy week. My office moved across town and even though I wasn't in charge of the move there is so much to be organized and set up and unpacked. It's been a crazy week at work to say the least. Then there was New Years and while we really weren't in the mood for a big celebration we wound up having people over to our house. First it was just going to be my siblings and their significant others and then we had some friends and neighbors. It was actually a really fun night and the dogs did really good (I usually hate having people over because we have so many dogs...more on that in a later post).

I also went through my little brother Alex's baby book (this baby will be born in the same month he was so looking through it gives me an idea of where he will be each month at that stage). I was remembering what a great baby he was and how much I missed "baby Alex". Got me more excited at the chance to have a boy. We have been calling this baby by name a lot, which really helps. He is his own little person. I still haven't taken anything out of Addison's room, but I am still trying to re-organize her things so they can be packed away as neatly and accessible as possible.

I am trying to talk to this little boy as often as possible even though I still feel awkward about it. Brian is definitely more excited than I am because he really believes this baby is coming home with us...I wish I could be more like Brian!


  1. Um, hummus is a no-no? I never got the memo and I eat it all. the. time.

    One more thing. Dammit.

  2. Praying for a negative test and so glad you are feeling your little guy's kicks...i know that is what keeps me going these days. I totally hear ya on not unpacking crib sets...hell, I haven't even let my hubby put the crib and dresser together yet and i am 17 days away. You will know when you are ready!!

  3. I'm with Brandi on the hummus is a no-no? Crap,because I have definitely ate it quite a few times this pregnancy. The list is never ending.