Thursday, December 15, 2011

20 Weeks

How Far Along: 20 weeks (our baby is as big as a small Cantaloupe). I honestly can't believe I just wrote 20 did we make it this far?!?!
Maternity Clothes: I still try and hide the belly certain's getting harder and harder. I keep hoping that when I wear my sweatshirt and put my hands in my pockets it disguises the belly. Bought a second pair of maternity jeans today...finally! I also am needing to move up a size in the bra department...this is the one part of pregnancy I don't appreciate, but again whatever is needed!
Movement: This baby seems pretty active, which I appreciate.
Sleep: is interrupted by 1-2 bathroom breaks each night mostly just one though. I am still going to bed later than I should and waking up pretty tired.
Gender:  I should write an entire post about this.
Symptoms: Runny nose (with occasional light blood in my tissue) and dangerous sneezes (see last week's response). I also had a leg cramp that woke me up one night this week. The last three mornings I have had some light's not supposed to come back! Oh well, I will be happily sick if that's what needs to happen.
Cravings: Red Meat
Belly Button In or Out: in
Best Moment this week:  My parents got their tree on Sunday and we went with them (no tree for us this year bah humbug), but we did get a mini-tree for Addi's spot and it looks festive. As far as this baby goes the extra movement has been wonderful along with the reassurance from the doppler. Also I got an email from our wonderful nurse that helped deliver Addison. It made me cry, but it was the good kind of crying.
Freak-out of the week: Nothing too bad although today has been busy and I haven't been feeling the movement I am used to. I came straight home to use the doppler.
What I miss: Being excited for Christmas.
What I am looking forward to: Our next appointment, but I am also terrified of it.
Next Appointment: Friday, December 23rd.
Something Else: I forgot to add last week that I was asked by a stranger (a cashier in the check out line) for the first time if this was my first baby. I was surprised because usually no one says anything until they are REALLY sure you are pregnant and not just chubby, but she asked. I already knew that my answer to that question would always be no. I know not everyone wants to tell the whole world their story and I certainly don't, but at the same time I just can't sleep at night if I lie. I would rather make them uncomfortable for a moment than to lose sleep over it. I feel like I get to be a little selfish where this is concerned. Anyways I said no and she asked what my first was and I said a girl. She was like OH! I bet you are hoping for a boy this time! I said actually no, we are hoping for another girl (I wanted to throw in the because-because we didn't get to do any of the girly things we had planned), but I held my tongue and just said we were hoping for another girl, but healthy and alive was our top priority. She kind of looked at me and just said congratulations. It kind of threw me off to be congratulated by a stranger, but I said thanks and walked away. Then it occurred to me that it was probably pretty strange to her that I had used the word "alive" when describing my hopes for this baby...well it's true, that is my hope and it's not something I think is guaranteed because I know better.

I've been wanting to write and had a million things to write about, but it's been hard to force myself to sit down and do it! There may be a long or multiple posts in your future...sorry about that.


  1. Glad to hear there's movement and you're getting through this. I am not really that much further than you... so I understand the intensity of all this. :(

    Every single time someone asks-- a stranger or not-- if this is my first, I answer that he is not and that my first son died just before he was born to a presumed cord accident. I am very adamant about it now since I don't want the same first-time-pregnancy chatter. I can't take it. That usually quiets the crowd or lets me off the hook from the, "Just wait until..." comments. I already know what a FULL term pregnancy is like and labor and the whole deal. Wait? I'm still waiting for a baby at the end to come home with me. Only different. Thanks, come again. ;)

    Over halfway, my friend. That alone deserves a toast just for getting this far.

  2. Wow, as an outsider looking in, these last 20 weeks have flown by with lightening speed. I think about you, Brian, Addi and your baby-to-be daily and look forward to these weekly updates!

    Hugs to all four of you...

  3. YAY for 20 and good for you for counting Addi and feeling confident when you did...

  4. 20 weeks is a big milestone, I'm so glad everything continues to be normal (as normal as preg. after loss can be!)

  5. congrats on 20! Those questions are so tough, so loaded. I rarely talk to pregnant women anymore, and when I do I am so careful with my words. If only most people knew. . .

  6. Healthy and alive. Amen. 20 weeks... you are more than halfway there, right?