Monday, November 28, 2011

One week until Addi's first birthday

I can't believe it's almost here...December 5th, Addison's first birthday. A day that should be full of celebration, a day I should be saying that I can't believe my baby is one and instead I will be saying I can't believe we survived a whole year without her.

It's been a struggle deciding on exactly how this day will be spent. How do you "celebrate" a birthday of a baby who isn't here? How do we honor her in a way that is anything close to what she deserves?

I am still unsure exactly how her day will go, but if you would like to honor our little girl with us here are some ideas.

1. Light a candle for her
2. Write her name down (anywhere)
3. Donate to the TEARS foundation in her name
4. Donate to any charity in her name
5. Donate a toy to Toys for Tots or any place for a one year old girl
6. Release a balloon for her
7. Do something nice for someone

Now here's the kicker. Please tell us about what you did or take a picture, if you can and send it to us at One of the most painful parts of losing a baby is feeling like people forget. A simple email or text mean so much to us. Thanks for remembering our Addi with us. How is December 5th almost here, it's so hard to believe!


  1. I swear I was just brushing my teeth thinking about her upcoming day and what I wanted to do for you. You listed several of the ideas I had so that's good! Thinking of you as the day approaches. Hugs!

  2. It is amazing how fast a year has gone...I will definitely include Addie in our candle lighting this weekend for our boys. Too many babies left this earth the same weekend. I love your list and will borrow some of your ideas...I especially like the idea of donating a toy to Toys for Tots. If I can't by my boys' their first birthday presents I will give them to some one who can use in them in their memory.

    Love & hugs!

  3. :( ...I will definitely be lighting a calendar for your beautiful daughter's 1st birthday!!!

  4. I will light an extra candle for Addison, write her name and do something nice on the 5th. We're not that far behind you with Joseph's first birthday coming up on the 16th. As if it isn't cruel enough that our babies are gone, but to be so much farther away from them in time is heartbreaking. Are you doing anything special on the 5th? My family will go to the beach and release sky lanterns (it's summer here). I think the day will be fairly low key and from what I hear the lead up is far more brutal than the day itself. I'll be thinking of you all in the lead up to and on the 5th. I hope the day is peaceful for you. xo

  5. It's one of the hardest days I've had so far since we lost our Addi. I felt so robbed on her first birthday. And I was in your same position, carrying another baby. After we had her "rememberence picnic" we went to her grave and I sat there big and pregnant and cried. I couldn't believe we would have had a 1 year old. And I was so unbelievably angry that we didn't. It's going to be tough but you will get through it. Hugs during this emotional time and always.

  6. It won't be hard to celebrate your baby as I will be home and contemplating Addi and Andrew on their day. I'll be lighting a candle for them both. Feel free to email on Monday if you're in need of a friend. I will be home the majority of the day as I've taken off work.


  7. I've been thinking of Addi and you so much lately. I know her day is going to be an emotional day, but there are so many of us out here loving her and loving you.
    I'm lifting you up in prayer, sweet friend.

  8. Thinking of you and Addi... and will never forget. I always imagine all our little ones playing together up above xoxo

  9. I will be thinking of Addi and sending prayers. The 5th will be 3 months since Aidyn entered heaven. God bless our beautiful babies!