Saturday, November 12, 2011

15 Weeks

**I started this on Thursday and never got it posted, but here it is better late than never**

How Far Along: 15 weeks (our baby is as big as a Apple)
Maternity Clothes: Oh yes, I need some more warm sweaters since winter seems to be here already!
Movement: Possibly
Sleep: is interrupted by 1-2 bathroom breaks each night.
Gender:  I have no idea. I have had one dream of a girl and one of a boy...50/50
Symptoms: my back is giving me trouble again...thanks hormones! Also in my weekly update it says I may be experiencing "rhinitis of pregnancy" basically a runny/stuffy nose, which I have been for the last few weeks. I keep thinking I am getting a cold and then it is just my nose. Now that I read that I remember it from my first pregnancy too. So maybe I'm snotty on multiple levels :)
Cravings: Brian got Teriyaki the other day and all I want was the steamed veggies...they were delicious! Last night I wanted noodle-y cheesy goodness so I made lasagna., it did the trick.
Belly Button In or Out: in
Best Moment this week:  This week was full of yuck, but I have to say that at the end of the day once we are both home from work our little evening ritual of dinner then watching our favorite tv shows cuddled up on the couch with the fire going is the perfect way to end any day. It's the little something I need to be able to get up and face the day again.
Freak-out of the week: Please refer to my last post. Ugh that took a full 24 hours to recover from and actually I am still not 100%. I couldn't function for the rest of that day because it was draining and scary and awful.
What I miss: When a simple doppler check was just that and the heartbeat was found with ease and even if it had taken a minute I wouldn't have known to be worried.
What I am looking forward to:  I don't know, I am afraid to look forward to anything!
Next Appointment: Not until December 2nd...I would like to go in one more time in the next week or two to try and HEAR the heartbeat, but my heart can't take another scare like last time.
Something Else: Still in physical therapy for my back, some days it feels okay and others not so much. I was such a relief (that's the understatement of the month) to see our littlest dancing around on the screen. I was really prepared for the worst and while I still am it was nice to know this baby is growing and well...alive!

I managed to burn myself (left hand) pretty good while draining the boiling water off my noodles yesterday. For some reason using the strainer didn't occur to me (pregnancy brain perhaps) I tried to balance the lid with my thumbs...of course that didn't work, the lid slipped and boiling water poured all over my hand. After 4 hours of icing it was still burning like crazy. Brian kept asking if I wanted him to go get some burn ointment and I kept saying no (didn't want anything topical seeping into my body). Finally at 10:45 when I couldn't sleep because of the pain I called my regular doctor (whoever was on call) I called this doctor specifically so I don't call my OB too often and get annoying :) They said topical was fine or some Tylenol...if I didn't take Tylenol for my back pain I sure as hell wasn't going to take it for this. Poor Brian got sent out at 11pm to get me some least it wasn't pickles and ice cream, but I know he was tired and not amused by this errand. Such a good husband! He got back we slathered my hand and wrapped it up. I had to get the frozen veggies out of the freezer because my ice pack wasn't icy enough anymore. I slept with my hand wrapped clutching the bag and was actually able to fall asleep. So one late night run, a doctor call and a ruined bag of veggies later I think I will ALWAYS remember to use my strainer. If it's not one thing it's another!


  1. Glad your back, and now hand are okay. I seriously had to contemplate which step I had forgotten when I prepared pasta earlier this week. I was standing over the sink with the boiled water and pasta in the pot, staring at the sink trying to figure out how to strain it.... AH GAWD this is going to be a long pregnancy if my brain is already gone. :)

  2. Oh no - your poor hand. I hope it heals up really quickly.

  3. Oh friend. We need to talk about your lasagna recipe! Meaning, you don't have to boil noodles anymore (or ever). My MIL taught me that you can buy the regular noodles and actually not boil them but still have them come out al dente in the oven! Much easier and cheaper. Plus, they sell them actually labeled "no boil" if you walk the aisles.

    I am sorry about your burn though... for sure ouch. I am no stranger as I have 3rd degree burns on my hand from pouring crock pot chili onto myself and missing the bowl. Right. Smart.

    As for pregnancy... one step at a time. It cannot go by fast enough and appointments don't come soon enough for me, either. I hope good kicks start coming for you soon. I felt them certainly at 15w4d with this pregnancy and with Andrew, not until 21 weeks! Also, I get that nose thing, too. I get just about every single pregnancy symptom, just nothing super strong. All mild, but present. The heartburn, nausea, leg cramps, nose bleeds, nose stuffiness, backaches, multiple-times a night pee fests... etc. I know all about your snot. ;)

  4. Oh goodness! I'm terribly sorry for your traumatic experience. I wish, like you said, that if it took a minute to find the heartbeat with the Doppler,you didn't know to be worried. Those were the days and we didn't even know it!!
    Anyway, I'm so happy that everything is okay, and you're recovering from the scare.
    Remember, I'm here if you need me for anything.

  5. Ouuuuch... that must have hurt so much !! Hope it's healing up now and that the pain has eased. Love those cravings and so relieved for you after that nightmare appt. Love always xoxo

  6. Hope your back gets to feeling better. I actually used a rice bag on my back last night and it worked pretty well. I'm packing it in my hospital bag too since I can't take the heating pad (can't take anything that can be plugged in to labor & delivery).

    Yay for maternity sweaters! So cute! And yay for little baby apples :) Glad the baby is doing well! Sending prayers as always for you and the little one!


    PS- Oh my goodness I need to get some of those non boiling lasagna noodles too! Thanks for the tip B!