Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In my Life...

Brian and I are creatures of habit...okay I am, but now Brian is too by default. We have our favorite restaurants and don't usually branch out once we have found something we love. Occasionally we feel the need for Thai food and after trying about 5 different places we settled on a place called Angels, it is downtown Olympia. I eat "white girl" Thai. Meaning from 1-5 star spicy I get NO stars, Brian gets 3 stars, which mean I never try what he gets!
I would say we have been going there for a couple years, before I found out I was pregnant with Addison for sure. It's one of the places she got to "eat too".

For all the times we have been there I have never noticed the alley right before it. I usually try and avoid all the smokers around that area so I just get in the door as fast as possible. The other day no one was out and I felt like walking around. We saw that the brick was spray painted to say "In my life" and then there were all kinds of spaces and sidewalk chalk to write what you want to do in your life. Pretty neat concept.

I had to stand and stare. I read some serious ones and some really stupid stoner ones. I kind of wanted to write my own...I didn't for a couple reasons:

1. I hate chalk...I don't know why, but it gives me goose bumps to touch it or even think about touching it...I know that is weird, but I can't help that it feels so weird to me!

2. The answer to mine would be much too long to fit on one space.

You see before Addison, I would have written something simple. I would have written:

In my life: I want to be a mother

Now I would be more specific because now that I am a mother it is nothing like I imagined. I think it would go something like this:

In my life: I want to be the mother of a living babies. I want to carry these babies in my own body to term and have them be happy and healthy AND LIVING. I want these babies to outlive me and bury me when I am old and grey. I want to be able to enjoy my child(ren) to the fullest extent. I want them to know how much they are loved and wanted. I never want to experience the loss of another child. Never ever.

There is more, but you get the point. What would yours be?


  1. Girl, what you want is what I want.

  2. I'm with Brandy. Sign me up for what you're having.

    Looks like we'll need a lot of chalk.

  3. Now that i have buried one of my children that is also one of my biggest fears that I will outlive them, but at the same time i am also afraid I will leave to soon and not see them grow up.

    I want to be old and gray with my grandkids on my lap...hopefully I am not asking for too much!!

  4. I agree with what you said, our children should bury US when we are old and gray. Not us burring our children.

  5. Ditto. I will have what you are all having!!

  6. I agree with all, I want exactly what you want.
    That's pretty cool about the wall

  7. I would write the exact same thing, yo. :)

  8. No more new babies here. I want the ones I got to keep to stay and thrive.