Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sharing pictures

I had a BLM friend send me pictures of her son, Andrew. I was so surprised as she doesn't have pictures of him on her blog and I never expected to see her sweet Andrew. I was so honored she would share them with me. Then I did something I never do and emailed her a few pictures of Addison.

She emailed back immediately and it felt so good to share them with her. To share Addison with her. We have been talking about our babies, our stories for months and now I can finally put a face to his name. He is beyond adorable. How unfair to have such perfect babies that we did not get to keep.

Last week I downloaded an app for my new iPhone (yeah I know, I finally have a grown-up phone) anyways it is called "sketch me". It cost a whopping .99 cents. Totally worth every penny...and then some. I turned many of Addison's photos into sketches and I actually might be ok sharing them on the blog. I have to sit on it for a while, but I would love to share my Addi without feeling like she is on display for the world. Thoughts?

**Maybe I should have added an example. Here is one I took of my brother the other day. I would add the sketches only, no color photos.**


  1. I say listen to your heart. This is a very personal decision.

    I don't post photos of my son, or reveal his name for that matter. Partly because I blog anonymously and don't put photos myself or the hubby that we can be recognized in. But even if I didn't post anonymously I still wouldn't post his photo. I'm just not comfortable doing it.

    But please make your own decision based on how you and your hubby feel about it. It's your blog and your rules!

  2. Well, I would love to see pictures of Addison, but I could understand if that was just too personal, especially online. I'm sure that she is absolutely beautiful!

  3. She is beautiful and the world shouldn't be deprived of seeing her beauty :-)
    but like she said follow your heart....

  4. I wanted to show the whole world Liam and don't care what anybody else thought because this was him and his life and there will never be no new pictures or stories about him, and I love looking at him every time I open my blog. Plus if I ever lost the other hundreds of pictures this was another place I had pictures just in case.
    But you definitely have to do what feels right to you. If you wanted to share sketches I would love to see hers.

  5. I agree with what the others are saying, you have to do what feels right to you. I've only shared one picture in which you can see a little of Caroline's face. I feel like the other pictures are very private and personal, but this is just my opinion for us. I've thought about doing the sketch option to share more pictures of my sweet girl though. I think that's a great idea...but again, it's whatever you feel comfortable with. I'm sure Addison is breathtakingly beautiful...

    Love and prayers!