Friday, July 8, 2011

Retail Therapy

So I finally did it! Therapy...retail therapy. I have been talking about doing it, but could never make myself go. I had some birthday money burning a hole in my wallet so I called my sister last night to go out shopping with me.

Usually when I go shopping and I want to buy something I can never find anything, but yesterday was my lucky day because I got 5 new things and I still have a little money left! Bargain shopper...I think so! I hadn't gone clothes shopping since I bought maternity clothes and I am not a spender so it was a big deal.

The hardest part was finding shirts that I knew could "grow" with me in the event I get knocked up this month (God willing). I am proud to say all the items have enough stretch to last into a second trimester. Yay!

I have to say I really felt better after the shopping trip. It's amazing what can change mentally when you think you look good. I have been feeling so down and HATING all of my clothes and it felt really nice to put on something new this morning. It even made me want to do something with my hair.

I think from now on I will get one new thing per paycheck. It doesn't have to be something big, but just something and I am saving a lot on all those diapers I'm not buying :( Well I don't want to end on a sad note, but it's true.

So much for real therapy I think retail therapy is the way to go! Don't you?!?


  1. Retail therapy does amazing things! Glad you found yourself some nice new things :)

  2. I do love a little retail therapy. Looking like you've got it together makes a difference. Glad you treated yourself!

  3. Yay!! I'm a little jealous. If I promise to return it not covered in dog hair can I borrow the ruffly one?? ;)