Thursday, July 14, 2011


There are some things that just stop you and make you think Really?!?! I have always had those moments, but they seem even more frequent now. Here is my list of Really?!?! Just for today and yesterday.

1. Brian and I went to Lakefair last night, which is an annual tradition for us. It's fun to people watch and eat oh-so-bad for you, but delicious fair food...I won't even talk about all the pregnant teenage girls with their skeeze ball boyfriends hanging all over them...oh wait I am not talking about them...moving on. Well as we were perusing all of our food options we came upon this girl. She had a rip in her pants, not just a little one, but the whole back of her pants. I couldn't look away. Finally I made Brian stand close enough to this train wreck so that I could snap a picture for you are welcome! Nothing, but the best for you my friends!

It is possible she didn't know and I am a huge jerk for laughing, but she was with a group of friends that I am sure would have told her...because how can you not notice AND don't you think you would feel the difference? I mean really?!?!

2. This morning it was so cold I decided to wear a sweater. As I drove to work, I did so with my windshield wipers going and my heater on...this seems normal EXCEPT it's freaking mid July! I am fine with living in a rainy state as long as we get a nice summer to make up for all the yuck...this is unacceptable. Rain and 57 degrees on July 14th...really?!?!
My view while running errands this afternoon...gross!

3. Lastly, I know I will hear a million more stories like this but I still can't wrap my head around the women who get to have babies who don't want them when so many of us would do ANYTHING to have our babies. This one struck especially close to home as this happened in the very same hospital where I gave birth to Addison. She gave birth to her baby in the bathroom and threw him the trash can...unbelievable. The only thing that makes this story even worse than it already is that Washington has a safe-haven law that allows a person to leave a baby, up to 3 days old, with a staff member or volunteer at any fire station, or in the emergency room of any hospital. All she had to do was hand him off to someone and she could have walked away. REALLY LADY?!?!

Ok, that's it for today. Just had to get those off my chest!


  1. Those people are disgusting and I have nothing but mean and hurtful things to say about that. :(

  2. ugh! What is wrong with people!!! My husband works in an ER that is also a safe haven spot. There hasn't been a baby dropped off since before our loss. what I wouldn't give to take a safe haven are the rest of us I am sure!!