Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Nick-names and finding out the gender

Our little girl
Before we knew we were having a girl we made up all kinds of names for Addison. She started out as just baby C. then when we told our friend Dre about our pregnancy he called her baby Dre/Drea. My friend Kayla has the nickname Carl and dubbed this baby Carl/Carlita. When the books said it was time for her to start moving and she still hadn't my mom called her Larry the lazy fetus.

It's funny the nicknames we give and the ones that really seem to stick. She will always be all of those names to me.

I really wish I had been able to settle on the name Addison sooner. I wish all of our friends would have know her name before she died, but I'm glad they all had their little names for her. Our minds can be changed so quickly...before I thought I had to meet her to know what her name would be and now I feel like I want names for our subsequent children already picked out!  We already have our girl name picked out and are working on a boy's name. Go figure!

I think it's important (to me) to know the gender and give a name to the baby that way more people can understand that this is a REAL person no matter the outcome, not just a fetus, but a baby!

On Saturday it occured to me what we were doing that exact day 1 year ago. The 9th was the day we found out we were having a little girl. I don't post much on the weekend, but it was on my mind all day! Our appointment was first thing in the morning and I remember I had to drink a ton of water and then hold it until the appointment...such a mean thing to make a pregnant lady drink a ton of water and then not let her pee!

We were nervous and excited, but mostly excited. I was only a little worried they would find something wrong, but mostly I just thought that everything was fine and my biggest concern was pink or blue...oh the good old days when THAT was my biggest concern. Never again. Anywho we were both hoping and praying for a little girl, but we would have been happy with a boy too.

The ultrasound tech. did all her measurements before telling us what we REALLY wanted to know and then finally she said it's a girl! I didn't believe her, I kept asking if she was sure. She said she was 95% sure because she wasn't allowed to give us a guarentee, but she was sure. Brian got a "bug in his eye" that's what he says so I don't think it's a real tear ;) We were just so very thrilled.

We made our family wait until that evening to share the news. We wanted to tell them all together instead of telling one before the other. My sister was calling and texting me all day trying to break me, but I was able to keep our secret. We did call my in-laws to tell them first just because it only seemed fair to tell the people who couldn't be there in person with us about their first and only granddaughter!

My Grandma Millie was in a rehabilitation facility recovering from her surgery to remove cancer (she is now in remission yay) so we went there to share the news so we could all be together. We video taped the group and made everyone guess boy or girl and then we had my grandma read the news to the group. Everyone was so thrilled. It was such a great day and one I will always remember and cherish. Our girl, our daughter, our Addison.

Addison's parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, auntie & uncle (on my side of the family) Not the most flattering of Grandma Millie, but keep in mind she just had major surgery.

Happy parents
Excited mama
Proud papa showing off his little girl
Uncle Alex having a talk with his niece, while I roll my eyes...I should have let them talk to the belly more...ugh


  1. I love all those pictures of you! And btw, I finally ordered my photobook for Andrew. I checked it over and over again, but feel like I'm going to have a typo! Nervous about that because of course I want it to be perfect. I ordered one for each set of grandparents and one for us. :)

  2. Carlita is the coolest name ever! :) P.s. When I was talking to you yesterday I forgot to mention I was wearing my Addi Shirt! :) I changed my shirt when I went to go eat fried chicken, so I wouldn't get anything on it. You know my track record!