Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dear (.)

Dear (.),

I just wanted you to know that arriving late is not appreciated. I had taken the pregnancy test days ago and had accepted the negative result, but you arriving late gave me false hope. The rules are you may come early, right on time or preferably not at all. You and I have a love/hate relationship. Your existence reminds me that things are working as they should and a baby could be a possibility, but when we are working so hard for a baby and then you show up, it is beyond disappointing. It is cruel and unusual punishment and I beg of you to knock it off. So next month I hope I won't see you at all, but if you come remember two things, you are to be early or on time. In the word's of Uncle Jesse "kapeesh"?

Not Impressed,


  1. I'm sorry, that sucks.

    I get the love/hate thing though... we have to cling to the fact that things are working, I guess.

  2. I hate the false hope involved in "trying to conceive" I even hated saying "we're trying again" we weren't TRYING the first time. We succeeded. We had a baby and he was beautiful. He just wasn't born alive. So "trying" again made me feel like I failed the first time or something - like I needed more guilt/sadness/etc. Anyway, enough rambling - just hoping that your TTC journey is not much longer. And the hope you get is not false, but rather very much so true, real, and wonderful.

  3. Ugh! I agree either come on time or don't at all. We've been messed with enough this year.
    I think this must just be a bad month for getting not pregnant:( Next month hopefully there will be no period with a pos. prego test.

  4. Just want to say that I can really relate to this post today. :( Makes me feel better than we are not alone in our frustration!