Saturday, July 2, 2011

A day-cation

Brian works on Saturdays, but some how he managed to get today off. He really wanted to make use of his day off and his first thought was to go camping. The camping idea was way too last minute and I did not want to take all 3 dogs so that was out. This morning he decided he either wanted to go to Portland to visit friends or take a drive to the ocean.

Neither of these options sounded very good to me...I woke up in a sad mood and was just wanting to do nothing, but I couldn't let this rare day off get wasted so I put on a happy face and got ready to go. We decided on the ocean and to just take two dogs. Like a mini day-cation.

We loaded up the dogs, the bikes and beach bags and headed to the ocean. Today was so nice, the weather was just perfect. The ocean was REALLY crowded...apparently the whole world had our same great idea. I tried to let it be a distraction trip, but the beach was full of families and little girls everywhere and then there was the two of us with just our dogs and no baby, no Addison. I post pictures of my dumb 'ol dogs because I have no baby pictures to share...I am that person ugh.

Bella covered in sand, but LOVING life

These bike attachments for the dogs are the coolest!

It was a great day for the dogs, lots of ball play, swimming, running around in the sand and even a bike ride. It was a really nice day, well as nice as it could be. Once we got home we picked up the missing dog and took them all to the lake so they all got tons of exercise. Tonight my usually energetic pack is sound asleep not willing to move for much.

I would say today was a perfect great day, nothing is perfect anymore without Addison, but it was as good as it gets. I'm not trying to be dramatic, but really the best day ever without Addison is only just a day. I can't help, but think about how AMAZING the day would have been if only she were with us. Even if she screamed bloody murder and hated being at the ocean it still would have been better to have her with us. I would happily leave the sun to spend the day with her.

Tonight there was a get together with some friends we haven't seen in a couple years. One couple is pregnant and the other have a daughter born just before Addi needless to say Brian went without me. I just didn't have the desire to put on a happy face all evening. I hate missing out, but since I did so good today I didn't want to chance turning it into a sad night.

I randomly go through the pictures I put on Facebook of my pregnancy with Addison (I don't know why...self-inflicted torture I suppose). I happened to notice that this picture was posted one year ago today...what I wouldn't give to go back to last year. I was just starting to REALLY show and I loved that baby belly so!
7/2/10 - 18 weeks
I do wonder if there will ever be a great day like today where I don't stop and think how perfect it would be except...


  1. You know what I think about people who post pictures of their dogs instead of their babies?

    They are awesome.