Monday, June 20, 2011

A Graduation, Birthdays and Father's Day

I'm exhausted just from typing the title! All of those things happened over the weekend.

My baby brother graduated from both high school and Community College on Friday, which means he will start at SMU in the fall as a junior, so proud of that kid...well man...hmm man child? Yeah lets go with man child.

It was so great to be there as a family to watch him accept his diploma, but not having Addison to complete the picture sure stung. There were lots of babies there. One couple with their baby girl kept walking back and forth in front of me ok they were on the balcony, but the little pink shoes on the baby were like a beacon in the night to me. In one part of the ceremony they asked for a moment of silence for those who weren't with us, the only thing I thought of during that time was don't cry, don't cry, don't cry. I made it through the whole ceremony with no tears, none for Alex or Addison. Don't ask me how I did it...I still don't know!

Saturday was Brian's birthday. He had to work and I planned to go help with a birthday party for O. I didn't sleep well that night...too much build up from the graduation maybe. I managed to make Brian breakfast and get out the door to the party. O had a great party, I still can't believe she is is it that she is the last baby I have gotten to help with!?!? Eight years has gone too fast.

After her party I went home to take care of the dogs and wait for Brian to get off work. Once he was off we went to Famous Dave's for his favorite BBQ with Alisa and Sarah. After dinner one of the local bars was having an 80's night. Since Brian is an 80's baby we thought this would be perfect! We met a few friends and laughed at all the great 80's costumes and listened to the music. I rocked the side ponytail, but that was the extent of my dressing up...I actually wish I would have dressed up, it feels good to be silly! I was dd (designated driver) so I didn't get TOO silly, but I think Brian actually had a decent time! Mission accomplished! Somewhere there is a picture of my side pony, but I'm too lazy to call around to get it! Sorry folks!

Sunday was a day I was dreading. Mother's Day was SO hard on me and I was anticipating the worst for Father's Day. I told Brian he was the "boss of the day" so he could decide how he wanted the day to go. He has always wanted to go to the Father's Day air show and I HATE that kind of thing (I just don't see the point of watching planes fly around or for that matter cars drive boring), but I always told him when he was a dad I would go with, so this year I had to go if that's what he wanted.

He chose to go to the air show so I put on a happy face and got ready. It was hard to see all the dads with their kids. I couldn't believe how many babies were there (it's loud) our baby would need some ear coverings! It was cold and windy that day, but we had our Addi rock and walk sweatshirts to keep us warm. There was one dad with a 2-3 year old girl with curly blond hair on his shoulders. She had a sundress on with bare shoulders and bare legs...I wanted to smack the guy. We stood behind them for 30 minutes or more and there was no jacket in sight. He was covered and so was the mom, but the little girl had nothing...what morons! I'm still upset about it!

Brian enjoyed the show and I didn't complain once (yay me lol)! After the show we went to my parent's house to have dinner with my dad and grandpas. Each holiday I get to spend with my parents and both sets of grandparents is so very special, but it's hard to be as thankful as I should be without having Addison.

All in all it was a really packed, but enjoyable weekend. I've had a couple of really good weeks, which is wonderful, but it's also scary because I know that means eventually a sad day is coming, but it's not today and for that I am grateful.


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