Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My childish humor

I read a post by Brooke
awhile back about how everything can be sad and yet we can laugh at the most ridiculous stupid things like the SNL skit Schweddy Balls. I wish I could say my humor has matured with my age, but it has not. I am like a 12 year old boy who laughs at any word that could possibly resemble a body part or something dirty...I can't help it Schweddy Balls is still and will always be hilarious to me. I saw THIS video awhile back and it still makes me laugh uncontrollably. I mean really...this is what people let their children watch and sing...this will be one that I don't want our future children going around singing. I mean really Wiggles, you should know better. I will stick to the classics like the Flintstones!

Maybe I should be a grownup and not turn this children's song into a song about an STD, but I can't help it, I laugh at just the thought of it...sorry if I disappoint you friends, but for the 2-3 of you that laugh at this, it's totally worth it! Ha! Bottom line is whatever makes us laugh we HAVE to hold on to because laughing is good for the soul!

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  1. This is hilarious! I love it! Here's something that makes me laugh everytime I see it:

    I hope it makes you laugh today too!