Monday, April 11, 2011

A step in the right direction

It was a hard sad weekend at the Crawford house. Both Brian and I were in a funk we couldn't shake. Sunday (our one day together) was spent being lazy and just having some "us" time. We both felt exhausted even though we went to bed early the night before and were able to sleep in that morning. We were so tired that we decided to take a nap...what are we 80?!? It's exhausting being sad so really takes its toll!

Even after going to bed at a reasonable time last night I am still tired today. Ugh. I got to thinking that maybe I would have something extra yummy for lunch today and skip the gym tonight and then I thought about it again and decided against my rebellion. Eating something yummy and skipping my workout will only make me feel worse in the end so a temporary fix just won't do. I stuck to my healthy lunch and I feel pretty good about it!

I was checking my Facebook as I tend to do throughout the day and saw a post from a new mom about a good deal on some baby stuff she found. At first it made me sad to know that I wasn't in her same club as I should be and then something happened. I decided to go to the website and look at the stuff. It was a nursing cover and a sling and you only had to pay shipping and I bought them! I kind of surprised myself with this purchase. It's not like I went out looking for it, but unintentionally I bought something for baby no 2.

After this purchase I went to look at crib bedding on line. (I had decided that I want new crib bedding no matter the gender and Brian wants to repaint the walls a long time ago). There isn't anything wrong with the things we have, but they were for Addison and it's just weird stuff we want different.

I found some really cute airplane bedding for a boy and am still searching for some purple crib bedding for a girl (Addi got pink so purple would be my hope for a second little girl). It's not like I am going to buy that stuff now, but it was a huge step for me. I was actually enjoying the thought of a second child.

For the first time I asked Brian a few nights ago what he thought about waiting for baby no. 2 and was surprised to hear that he wished we could start on baby no. 2 now. He said he knew I wasn't ready and respected that, but that he was feeling ready to take that step. I was so surprised and a little taken aback. It scared me knowing I wasn't ready and that he and so many are ready for us to start again.

Today I am much less scared. I know it will come in waves, but today I am looking forward to the possibility of a second child...a sibling for Addison. This doesn't mean I am ready to start today, but by the time our ""safe" date given to us by our doctor comes I may be ready whereas before I didn't see that happening.

I was told by several people that they thought our cruise vacation would bring us a second pregnancy and I can confirm that is not the case. I have already been asked so I thought I would just put it out there that I am NOT pregnant. :)

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