Wednesday, April 20, 2011

North Carolina visit with the fam

Grandpa Bill and Grandma Lynn wearing their shirts
A year ago today Brian and I traveled to North Carolina to visit his dad and step-mom. I had never been to NC before, but I was excited to go and even more excited to tell them we were expecting!

I was so nauseous at 8 weeks pregnant with Addison. I never threw up, but I felt like I wanted to 24/7. I was eating carbs constantly because it was the only thing that helped take the edge off the yuck feeling. I was also ridiculously exhausted. I was a little nervous that I would ruin the trip because I felt so yucky and wasn't up for much, but it had been booked long before we found out we were pregnant and I wasn't going to miss out on some quality time with the in-laws!

Bill and Lynn are much more than in-laws so from now on I will refer to them as Brian's parent's (they are mine too, but I don't want people to get confused and think I am talking about my mom and dad). Anyways, they are avid golfers so Brian and I had ordered golfing shirts that said "Grandma Lynn" and "Bill World's Best Grandpa". We got in late, but we couldn't wait to give them their shirts. Before we headed off to bed we presented them with their shirts. Lynn got it right away and it took Bill a second (he has 2 grandsons from Brian's brother and thought it was about them). They were both excited for us! We all said how we were hoping for a girl because there are no granddaughters and very few women!

The whole trip was just wonderful. I couldn't have better second parents! They took they best care of us! I don't think I have ever relaxed so completely on a vacation in my life. I was able to take a nap every day and we were able to just sit and really enjoy each other.

They live on this beautiful golf course and we got to go golfing. When I say we I mean they golfed and I drove the golf cart and sat in the warm NC sun, it was just perfect! They have this huge group of friends and we got to spend time with them. I can honestly say I love their friends, you can tell that they are really just an extended family for each other!

One night they wore their shirts and waited until someone said something to announce they were going to be grandparents again and another night with different friends they had a table center piece with blue and pink golf balls. It was so much fun. Everyone thought we would have a girl...everyone was right!

Another very cool part of that trip was that the annual Relay for Life walk took place during our week there. Bill is a cancer survivor and we got to walk with him and Lynn. Very cool day.

I am so thankful for that trip on so many levels. One it was just great to spend that quality time together and two, it was a week that Addison spent with us with them.

I often tell Brian how much I want to go back, I really love it there! Plus I just have such wonderful memories. It definitely goes down as one of my all-time favorite vacations. I wish NC wasn't so far away; I would love to be able to spend more time together!

After that trip we were trying to figure out the best time for Bill and Lynn to come to WA to see Addison. Of course anytime would have been great, but we were thinking around June would be best because she would be 6 months and have a bit more personality than a newborn.

After that terrible day they were ready to jump on a plane and be with us no matter the cost. It was going to be REALLY expensive for them to do that so we told them that we knew how much they love us and wanted to be with us, but maybe this summer would be better because that way we could really enjoy them. I wish they could have been with us during those days, but this is a much better scenario and really they were with us because we definitely felt the love!

They are coming out here in September and at that time we will spread Addi's ashes as a family, a whole family. We are so lucky to have them and I am so thankful to have another wonderful set of grandparents for Addison.

I get a little misty eyed thinking about that trip...I so wish I could rewind time and do it all over again nausea and all. What a wonderful time that was. What wonderful family we have!


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