Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Lottery

I'm going to win it...I've really! I used to joke that I was going to marry rich or win the lottery and since I certainly didn't marry Brian for money, the lottery it is!

I have never "played" the lottery before and you do have to play to win...go figure! A month or so after we lost Addison I decided if we could "win" the "shit" lottery, why not try for the good one?!? It wasn’t very likely we would lose Addi at 40 weeks and five days and yet it happened.

I find whenever I hear the odds of something, I think again. Before I would have said 75% chance of a healthy perfect baby were great now, it’s not nearly enough!

It's not like I think winning the lottery would make things right, but wouldn't it be nice to never have to worry about money again! I don't smoke or drink coffee and I rarely order drinks when we go out to eat. I don't have any vices. I figure a dollar a week for my chance at some luck...why not!

So that's it, I just thought you all should know it's going to happen.

If…I mean WHEN it happens, I will be quitting my job to have a dozen or so kids…ok maybe not a dozen, but a bunch of little kiddos running around sure sounds lovely.


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