Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dandelions and other things that make me smile

Now that Spring is here I have noticed all the dandelions popping up all over the place. They remind me of being little and how fun it was to pick them for my mom and grandma. I know they are just weeds, but when you are little they are these beautiful flowers that you are "allowed" to pick when ever and how ever many you want. I remember picking them for both my mom and grandma and how they would put them in a little vase on their tables like they were something special.

When I got a little older I realized that they were just weeds and that it wasn't "cool" to pick them any more...that it is a silly thing young children do. Now I look at them and understand why my mom and grandma took such joy in my gift of weeds. It was because I was giving them to them and that made them special as if they were roses.

It was making me sad to think that Addi would never pick them for me or her grandmas. Today they made me smile. I still hate the fact that Addi will never pick them for me, but when I see them it makes me think of her. Like she put them out for me to see everywhere I go. Almost as if she is saying "look mommy these are for you". I think they are officially my favorite flower...yes dandelions. No, this doesn't mean my husband can get away with giving them to me or that I want a yard full of them, but they do make me happy.

Dandelions should be the official flower for children. They make me smile and it really is the little things in life.

The other highlight of my week was my afternoon with O yesterday. We had a fun after school date. The second she got to my house she went into Addison's room. I needed to take care of the dogs and when I came back I found her reading the new book I bought in the rocking chair.

How cute is she?!? She asked me to bring Addi's footprint stamp to her house. When we got there she brought out her locket and had me put Addi's footprints on one side and Addison's name on the other...I should have taken a picture of it. She wanted a special Addison necklace like mine...too sweet!

Then today, I stopped by yet another cemetery on my way home. I realized it was one I had not gone to yet and wanted to see the baby headstones to make sure I am not missing something beautiful to add to Addison's. Creepy, but true this is my life and these are things I do...the other weird thing I do is...don't judge me here, but I "make friends" there. Yep, you read that right.  I make friends at cemeteries.

I couldn't find the baby area so I rolled down my window and asked a lady who looked like she visited often. Of course we got to talking. She explained that she visits once a week. Her husband is buried there and they were married for 42 years he died of an aneurysm 3 years ago. Our losses are different, but we still are without people we love with all our hearts. She cried when I told her my story and said how glad she was to have met me and that she believed in "earth angels" she said Addison and I were apart of her heart now and she would remember us forever. I don't feel like I am giving our meeting justice in my writing...the story sounds weird, but it wasn't. She was sweet and it just goes to show you how many good people there are out there. I don't know her, but I love her.

Lastly, every time someone donates to Tears in Addison's name I smile. Thank you guys so much. It truly lifts my spirits with each email I get saying a donation has been made. So there is my smile list. It feels oh-so-good to smile.


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