Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Push" Gift

Blue Topaz earrings from Brian
On December 3rd Brian went out with my friend Sarah to pick out a "push" gift for me (a gift for after I gave birth). Brian decided on blue topaz earrings, which would be the Addi's birth stone. It is something you are supposed to receive after the baby is born, but since Brian can't wait for anything he HAD to give them to me that night. I loved them, but was a little bummed out that he gave them to me before she was born and not after. Now I am so thankful he did. He gave them to me on the last day that she was "with" us.

These earrings now have such a high sentimental value. I have been terrified to wear them! My dad took them to a friend who was able to put "screw backs" on. I have to screw them on and off so I feel much safer to wear them. Between my necklace and the earrings, it's nice to have something tangible to take with me wherever I go.

This week I also ordered a larger footprint stamp. I am really happy with it; you can see the detail much clearer now. I also got her footprints back from I was glad to have them, but since Alex had already figured out how to do them, I wasn't waiting on them.

This last week was an interesting one. The beginning was very hard; I was still recovering from a very sad weekend. The week got a little easier, but I also found out two people that I love passed away. Both people were older (76 & 80) and both knew it was coming (cancer and leukemia). I went to one of their funerals today. It was such an interesting feeling being there.

The last service I went to was Addison's so I was nervous to go. It had such a different feeling than Addi's. Everyone was sad to say goodbye, but he LIVED. He was a great man who people loved. He left wonderful memories for his family and lived a great life. His spouse, children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren were all there...all people Addison will never have or experience. It's just such a weird thing to experience. I am still trying to take it all in. It's not that it doesn't make me sad to lose someone because it does, but nothing compares to losing someone who was robbed of everything life has to offer.

At the service I saw an old friend who didn’t know about Addison. When I told her she said that God must have needed another Angel…I just smiled. I should have set her straight, but I know she meant well so I just held my tongue. I’m just glad she didn’t say it to my mom’s response to that is that she doesn’t believe God sits up in heaven and kills babies…oh mom…my mom makes me laugh! Talk about freaking people out. I guess they won’t ever say it again after that though!


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