Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Operation "Take Home" Baby 2012

I am REALLY good at doing something when I decide to do it. I don't like to talk about things until I know for sure I am going to do them because I refuse to be "that girl" that is always saying she will do something and then doesn't follow through. When I decide on something that I want it's almost like a military operation because my eyes are on the prize and nothing can distract me.

I am officially in baby no. 2 state of mind (this does not detour from the CONSTANT Addison state of mind). When I was ready to get pregnant with Addison I did a million things to get ready, but some of them included joining weight watchers and going to the gym. I wanted to lose enough weight so that I could "gain it all back" with the baby. I successfully lost 31 pounds before Addison. I'm not sure what my final pregnancy weight gain was, but it was 29 or 30, still one less than I was at my heaviest! Now I have 16 pounds left of my baby weight, which isn't too bad.

This last week I turned my attention to my new project operation "take home" baby 2012. Last time it was operation baby 2010 and now I want to specify I want a baby to take home at the end of this! There are 4 months left until we are "allowed" to try again. So I have at least 4 months to get into primo baby making shape. I think a 5 lb. a month goal is a super easy one so that’s what I will start with (this will include cheating on the cruise though :)).

I went to my first weight watchers meeting on Saturday. I really don't need the meetings, but when I do things I like to do it all or nothing. I used to think any diet type group was dumb, but I have to say it really isn't a diet it's just about knowing what you are putting in your mouth, totally common sense oriented, common sense I can understand! Plus with this you can still eat real food not just prepackaged crap. Not that this is the only way it’s just a way that works for me. When I did it before Addison I was embarrassed about it, but now not much bothers me!

Last night I went back to the gym for my first time post baby. It was weird being back. I thought I would start out slow and work my way up to the classes, but then I decided I would jump in with both feet so my first day back I went straight to a spinning class. The class JUST made their session 10 minutes longer so I was thinking GREAT first time back AND it will be the longest class I have ever done. Usually this would worry me, but not now I don’t have lot to be afraid of these days!

It was a great class; I probably could have pushed myself harder! After it was over I was even thinking of staying for the yoga class, but I forgot my mat and I didn't know if I was ready to tell the teacher about Addison so I went home...maybe next week! Tonight I am going to zumba...like I said all or nothing! The added bonus of this is that I slept like a rock last night. I much prefer this kind of sleep than to have to take a pill of some sort!

I have a feeling this whole getting healthier thing will be much easier this time around. For one, I am already in better shape now than I was the first time I started this, two I have a great goal to work towards and three I have Addison as my motivation. Anytime I get tired I can just think of her and it will push me to do better or try harder in whatever I do.

So here we go another chapter. Wish me luck …although I don’t need it…Addison is more than enough!:)


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